More than just skin deep...
The CR-1 is truly something to behold


Lightweight carbon fiber structure saves fuel.
Your wallet, and the environment will thank you.


Born from race cars and jets,
every single feature is the best.

News & Events


GCT on Autoevolution

-       "Celebs like Vin Diesel, Jeff Gordon or Will Smith, known to own more than one RV have a new level of travel trailers they can choose from now on.” – Auto Evolution

       众所周知拥有数辆房车的名人、巨星如Vin Diesel, Jeff Gordan Will Smith, 从此又有了一个新层次的选择!” 《汽车演变》

GCT on Wired

-       " A Million-Dollar Rolling Mansion…  This blacked-out behemoth is an RV the same way the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is a ‘car.’ " - Wired Magazine

       百万美元移动别墅...说这黑色的巨无霸是一辆房车,就如同说布加迪威龙是一辆汽车。” 《连线》

GCT on Wired

-       “[RV’s] have never been seen as 'sleek' or 'stylish.' Global Caravan Technologies’ CR-1 changes that perception of RV-style campers.“  - American Luxury


GCT on Luxury Launches

-       "While majority of the caravans on the roads are eye-sores and none of them look anywhere near being called well-built, but finally we have one which might change the way we look at caravans and caravanners.“ – Luxury Launches

       尽管大部分路上行驶的房车令人看着眼痛,甚至没有一辆接近被称为精心打造,但现在终于有了一辆可能改变我们对房车与房车露营者的看法的房车。” –  《奢侈品发布》(印度) 

GCT media coverage

-       布加迪堂兄 (GCT)全碳纤维打造百万美元房车眼前这辆黑色巨兽是一辆旅行拖车,你觉得夸张?布加迪威龙超级运动版还是轿车呢!” YOKA时尚网》与 YOKA男士网》(中国时尚新媒体第一品牌,最具影响力的精英男性品位网站)

       Bugatti’s cousin GCT built a million-dollar RV with carbon fiber. You think it was an exaggeration for an RV? Bugatti Veron Super Sport is a ‘car’!”   YOKA FashionYOKA Men (China’s #1 Fashion new media and leading Men’s Luxury online platform)

GCT on RV Business

-       “ ‘Space Age’ RV Concept … A construction blueprint more akin to aircraft or supercars than conventional RVs.” – RV Business

       太空时代房车概念蓝图更像是飞机或超跑,而非传统房车。” 《房车商务》(美洲最大房车媒体)

GCT on RV Business
GCT on Den-Bla-Avis

-       “Caravan of All Time…caravan world‘s answer to Bugatti Veyron.” - Den Bla Avis (Denmark)

       划时代的房车房车世界的布加迪威龙。” Den Bla Avis 》(丹麦报纸, 隶属于丹麦最大的电商)


-       "When Batman needs a break from defending Gotham.. , he’s going to choose an RV befitting the Dark Knight, and the carbon fibre CR-1 certainly fits that bill.“ – Gizmodo

       当蝙蝠侠需要在保卫 Gotham的激战间隙休息放松片刻,他将选择一款与黑暗骑士相称的房车。碳纤维打造的CR-1自然是不二之选。” Gizmodo

GCT on Gentleman's Word

       " This fully-loaded RV will set you back $770,000, which as amazing as this may sound isn’t an unreasonable number when it comes to the world of luxury RVs.“ - A Gentleman's Word

GCT on HI Consumption

       "For the outdoorsman who has it all.. one of the baddest RVs on the planet - HiConsumption


-       "The CR-1 Carbon trailer, constructed entirely from carbon-fiber, is the perfect recreational vehicle for those who enjoy traveling and camping without sacrificing luxury, style and the most advanced technologies.“ – AzureAzure

GCT on 21RV-China

-       高科技、极具未来感的超豪华RV不再是梦想。”“老话说没有花钱的不是,虽然价格不菲,但是带来的奢华品质也超过了常人的理解范畴。”   21世纪房车网(中国首家房车与露营权威媒体)

GCT on 21RV-China

       One of the most innovative and genuine RVs that were ever designed...., and this RV has been equipped with all the luxury amenities one can dream up. “ - Luxury Squad

GCT in DUB Magazine

-       "Style and craftsmanship are blended uniquely together in the CR-1 Carbon to pave way for unprecedented luxury standards and options, making camping more glamorous."  - Dub Magazine

About Us

Bred from global partnerships.

Born from race cars and the aerospace industry.

We cut our teeth in the most demanding tolerances and engineering feats.

We took our hard knocks at 200mph on back straight-aways.

Devoting our commitment, our expertise and our passion

So your family can travel in safety, luxury, and style.

  • Crafted with love

    Every inch, every option, every corner, every contour is a labor of love skillfully crafted to please the most discerning owner.

  • Nimble by nature

    Freed from the constraints of traditional materials for higher mpg, better manuverability, and improved dimensions.

  • new look of luxury

    From advanced, flush-body designs to custom lighting and a host of new features, GCT products are in a class of their own.

  • Yeah, we thought of that

    Down to the smallest detail, GCT has re-engineered the RV so that you can relax and focus on what matters most.

Mobile Ready

GCT takes connected to a whole new level.

Control everything in your RV with the touch of a finger, from anywhere in the world with your desktop or mobile device.

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