The 10 Best 2 Bedroom Travel Trailers

Living in a travel trailer can be a great way to spend some quality time with your family. It can allow you and your loved ones to enjoy your journey together. However, if you plan on traveling with your family you are going to need the right amount of space. Two-bedroom travel trailers are necessary here. The only problem is that these kinds of travel trailers are somewhat special. They are often considered ultra-luxury models. Hence, you need to judge them accordingly to make sure you’re getting the right model. We have come up with a list of the ten best two-bedroom travel trailers.

Top 10 2 Bedroom Travel Trailers

1. The Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow Travel Trailer

Weighing in at 13,000 pounds, the Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow is definitely on the heavier side of things. The hitch weight is under 1,500 pounds though, so transporting an empty trailer should be no big deal. It’s when you start adding furniture and accessories that the weight starts to reach its limit. The electrical system can put out about 50 amps. You can power a lot of necessary appliances with that much electricity. Having an electrical system that can handle such a heavy load is important. It helps make other aspects of your travels a bit easier. So you should always opt for a two bedroom travel trailer that has a capacity similar to this one.

Jayco is one of those companies that you can always rely on. Every travel trailer that they have ever made is top notch. They manage to provide maximum comfort and luxury. Their Flight series is meant specifically for those that want two bedrooms. The Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow is the perfect example of a two bedroom trailer. The most common floor plans have one master bedroom set aside. This is the main bedroom of the trailer. It is bigger than any other space in your mobile home. To facilitate more berths, Jayco usually offers a pull out couch in the living area.

The master bedroom is usually the only room with a full sized bed. It also has things like a vanity desk and the like. Hence, you won’t just be using this room for sleeping. Instead, you would be able to use it for your morning routine. As well as a bit of leisure time that you might want to spend privately for obvious reasons. This makes the master bedroom of the Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow nothing short of what you would expect in an actual residence. It has all of the comforts you would expect from a master bedroom that’s in a regular home.

The homely vibe of the Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow also extends to the kitchen and bathroom. The full shower is more than enough to help you keep yourself clean. The size of the shower also facilitates luxurious baths where you let the water flow over you. Certain small luxuries like this are necessary if you want to live a good life. They turn a regular travel trailer into something that you can use as a permanent living space. The Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow might be one of the few options that you can live in without having to compromise on your lifestyle.

2. Forest River Wildwood Travel Trailer

The Forest River Wildwood is definitely a bit lighter than most models. Two bedroom travel trailers are known to be heavy. Because they need extra space and more space usually means more weight. In spite of this, Forest River has kept the Forest River Wildwood at just over 7,000 pounds. That’s almost ridiculously light as far as dry weight is concerned.

The fresh water tank has an admirable capacity of 56 gallons. Which is enough for a small family to take care of all of its needs. The hot water tank can hold up to 6 gallons too. Hence, you can keep at least one full shower heated and ready for whenever it’s required. If you use water conservatively, at no point would you find yourself short on hot water.

Now, one thing that we really liked about the Forest River Wildwood is the U shaped dinette which means that it’s very effective at saving space. Corners are the worst thing possible if you want to maximize your use of space. You also get 3 burners in the kitchen. The extra burner will come in handy if you are traveling with your family. Larger groups require multiple burners so that they can be properly fed.

You get the usual master bedroom with the Forest River Wildwood. However, the spare bedroom has a lot of options. You can even go for a bunk bed if that’s your thing. Kids usually need a bit more space. If you have two kids, a bunk bed would work out great for them. When horizontal space is short in supply, you need to start making use of vertical space as much as possible. If you don’t want a bunkbed, a queen size bed can fit in here too. It’d be a bit of a squeeze but no so much that the room would become cramped.

Bathrooms are important too, of course. With the Forest River Wildwood you get a plastic toilet seat. The plastic used is actually quite durable. Though we did find that it has a tendency to get stained. Plastic is pretty cheap, though. You should be able to replace the seat quite easily if you don’t like it. It’s a small hiccup in an otherwise fantastically executed two bedroom travel trailer. Suffice it to say that with this mobile home you’ll find plenty of features that you love.

3. Highland Ridge RV Open Range Roamer RT292RLS

Having a shower is useful. Showering is the best way to get clean. It’s a lot better than taking a bath in a tub of some sort. However, a shower alone is just the start of what you should expect. You also need a bit of privacy with your shower. Most two bedroom travel trailers manage to offer a curtain and nothing else. The Highland Ridge RV Open Range has a separate shower stall, though. This is a massive luxury that many would enjoy. It can even allow multiple people to use the bathroom at the same time if they are comfortable enough with each other. Shower stalls also make less of a mess. The water wouldn’t splash around the full bathroom. Instead, it would stay in one place. So cleaning the bathroom after a taking a shower would be a breeze.

The water supply is also quite significant. The Highland Ridge RV Open Range offers a 50 gallon fresh water tank. That’s more than enough for a small family. Especially if you are traveling from one RV park to another. You get a lot of extra space as well. This two bedroom RV might just be one of the most spacious in the market. It helps you walk around a little indoors on your travels.

Extra space makes traveling easier. But it’s not the only thing this motorhome offers to make traveling a lot more fun. The insulation that’s provided is another contributing factor. It’s clear that Highland Ridge wanted people to be able to travel during winter. The superior insulation makes this possible. It means that your heater would only have to be left on for an hour or so. After which the insulation would trap the generated heat indoors. If you keep the doors and windows closed, the trailer would stay warm for a very long period of time. Hence, you can travel to some pretty cold locations without having to worry too much.

This trailer offers you two queen sized beds. One is a permanent bed in the master bedroom. The other is a pull out in the living area. Two queen sized beds is a real treat for people that want to sleep comfortably. A family of three with a slightly older child that’s perhaps in their teens can travel pretty easily in this two bedroom RV. Two smaller kids can also be housed fairly well here. Although if you have two teenagers or if you’re traveling with another couple this trailer might be a little too small.

4. The Dutchmen Rubicon 2500 Toy Hauler And Travel Trailer

You get a pretty appreciable fresh water capacity with this trailer. Instead of the normal 50 odd gallons, you get a 60 gallon tank. The extra water can come in handy. You’d be amazed at how far a few extra gallons can get you. They can make you travel to RV parks more comfortably. Even if water is running low, you would still have 5-10 gallons more than what other people would be able to have. Hence, this RV is great for traveling slightly longer distances. You wouldn’t face any water problems along the way at least.

This trailer provides a great family environment. Its kitchen is especially good. Not only does it have a 3 burner stove, it has an oven as well. You will find that an oven is often necessary to cook delicious meals. Otherwise you would be quite limited with regards to the meals that you can cook. An oven helps bring some much needed variety to your meals. This is especially important if you’re traveling with kids. The whole point is to have them enjoy themselves after all. It’s hard to do that when they’re not getting tasty meals.

Depending on the floor plan you get, you might even have an indoor shower. This would cost more, of course. But it would be worth it if you’re planning to travel to colder areas. It can be dangerous to shower outdoors in such areas, after all. What’s more is that you might not be able to get any hot water outdoors. People planning to travel to hotter areas don’t need to worry about this, though. They can just use the outdoor shower and save a few bucks. In fact, outdoor showers are preferable in hotter locales. They have a lot of natural beauty that you would never want to miss out on.

The 13,500 BTU air conditioner is another thing that makes this a great option for warm area travels. This trailer has clearly been made with such locales in mind. While you can certainly retrofit it to make it more suitable to frigid winters, we recommend that you go for a different trailer if that’s your thing. You should only ever buy a trailer if you’re interested in the specific functionality it has been designed for. In this case, that functionality involves climates that are a bit hotter.

5. Prime Time Avenger ATI 26BK Travel Trailer

Prime Time is a company that’s known for walking the walk rather than talking the talk. Their often muted marketing endeavors often makes it so that not a lot of people know about them. Don’t let that fool you, though. This RV manufacturer has a long and respected history in the industry. Their Avenger series is particularly notable. It’s one of the better dual bedroom options on the market. Mostly because of the smart space saving techniques that have been implemented. But also because of the diverse features that you get with the trailer itself. All of these features can contribute a lot to your overall comfort levels.

There is no shortage of sleeping areas in this trailer. Firstly, the master bedroom has a queen size bed. That should come as no surprise. It’s the industry standard after all. Then you get a double bunkbed on the other side of the vehicle. Two children can sleep very well in this setup. They won’t feel cramped and would be able to spread out a little. This makes these bunk beds great for slightly older children as well. You get even more sleeping area with the sofa.

The fact that the sofa is separate is really quite nice. It means that four people can sleep easily and there would be room for one extra person as well. Also, if your kids are sleeping on the bunkbed the sofa would still be available for you to use. Pull out beds are often frustrating. While they provide an extra sleeping area, they render your sofa unusable if people are sleeping on it. Extra seating space apart from all of the sleeping berths is a major plus point. You should keep it in mind if you are planning on traveling with a larger family.

You get a pretty decent heating and cooling setup with this RV as well. The AC offers 13,500 BTUs. That’s enough to keep at least half of the RV nice and cool at all times. The furnace is a bit on the smaller side. It only offers 25,000 BTUs which is a little low as far as furnaces are concerned. However, the fact that you have a furnace in the first place is enough. You can always upgrade it if it doesn’t meet your needs. The AC and furnace would work well enough for most common situations.

6. Palomino Puma31FKRK Travel Trailer

Palomino has truly set itself apart in this category. They know that when someone is looking for two bedrooms, they would want the amount of space that usually comes with this sort of thing. For starters, the master bedroom doesn’t have a queen size bed. Instead, it has a king sized bed. The truly impressive aspect of this sort of thing is that the king sized bed leaves room on the sides for you to walk around. This should give you a sense of how massive the bedroom truly is. And that’s just the start of the sleeping areas in this 2 bedroom travel trailer.

We will now move on to the bathroom. Palomino does admirably well in this category too. It comes with a bathroom and a separate shower. It’s also quite far away from the living area. You don’t want the bathroom to be all up in your face while you are relaxing in the living room after all. The distance helps to create a bit of separation. It also makes the RV have a more sensible layout to it. The bathroom is quite easily accessible from all areas in the RV. It’s a short walk from the master bedroom to the bathroom and that’s definitely convenient.

As for the kitchen, plenty of cool features have been added. Starting with the double door fridge. A lot of RVs that have two bedrooms don’t have adequate fridge space. This can be quite inconvenient. Two bedrooms are required for more people. Fridges become even more necessary if you have more than the average number of people in your RV. So it’s a good thing that Palomino has worked so hard to fit a fridge into the mix.

You can also add a washer and dryer if you are so inclined. The RV doesn’t come with them, but it does have spaces where you can have them installed. Alternatively you could use one of these spaces for a dishwashing machine. There is no shortage of excellent customization options at your disposal here. You can use whichever option makes the most sense to you.

The extra sleeping area in the living room is decent. It has a pullout bed that can come in handy. However, if someone is sleeping on the sofa, the living room would no longer be usable for anyone else. So you should keep this in mind before buying this two bedroom travel trailer.

7. Winnebago Minnie Plus 30RLSS Travel Trailer

Winnebago’s brand used to be synonymous with travel trailers and RVs at one point. There star has fallen a bit in recent years, though. This is partly because other companies have been started that have innovated a bit more than Winnebago. The company is still a trusted name in the industry. It’s just not the singular representation of RVs and travel trailers that it once was. The Winnebago Minnie Plus represents a lot of the milestones that this company has managed to reach. It manages to incorporate a fair amount of luxury into the mix without being too expensive to afford.

Their master bedroom is truly a thing of beauty. It’s not just a box with four walls for you to sleep in. Rather it has a lot of other amenities as well. Such as built in wardrobes. These storage spaces are perfect for long term traveling. They allow you to keep everything you need close by. Instead of putting them in storage spaces that are hard to reach. Built in wardrobes also complete the look of the master bedroom. They help make it seem like an actual living space. You will have no trouble settling into this room and making it your own.

On the other end of the RV you have the second bedroom. Winnebago has decided to go for the traditional pull out couch here. However, it should be noted that the pull out bed is not at all low quality. It turns into a full bed rather than a half hearted approximation of one. This means that the people not sleeping in the master bed are going to sleep very comfortably too. A much fairer sleeping dynamic can be created in the 2 bedroom travel trailer. There’s no point in going on a vacation if everyone is going to be too tired and cranky to enjoy it after all.

We also liked the placement of the bathroom. It’s placed in such a way that anyone can access it. You can access it directly from the master bedroom and lock it from the other side. The other door would provide access from the living area. Hence, you can use it almost like an en suite from the master bedroom. This wouldn’t prevent other inhabitants of the RV from easily accessing the bathroom either. The Winnebago Minnie Plus is a solid RV that provides a number of great features that you can make use of.

8. The Keystone RV PREMIER 26UDPR Travel Trailer

Keystone is another company that has managed to make a real name for itself. Taking one look at the master bedroom will show you why this is the case. It has not one but two doors. One would lead to the interior of the RV. Whereas the other would lead outside. It’s very convenient to have outdoor access from your bedroom. It creates a bit of separation from the rest of the RV. As well as providing some much needed privacy for the people that have taken the master bedroom.

The bathroom has also been quite smartly placed. It acts as a separator, creating more distance between the living area and the master bedroom. However, it might be inconvenient for some people that are using the spare sleeping berth. Speaking of this spare sleeping space, you get a tri fold sofa for this usage. If you don’t plan on sleeping in the living area, you can opt for a couple of recliners as well. This can be a great option for couples that are traveling alone. You can have the whole RV to yourself. Extra space is great if you want to be able to travel for extended periods of time.

The dry weight of this trailer is just under 7,500 pounds. This makes it a great lightweight option. You wouldn’t need a very heavy duty vehicle to tow it. Smaller families and single couples should have no trouble as long as they have a half ton pickup. This is the smallest car that can be used with such travel trailers. So it’s nice that Keystone has facilitated this kind of usage with their two bedroom travel trailer. It indicates that they are serious about the work that they are doing. Extra space in a lightweight package is in many ways the dream of any RV fanatic.

The fresh water tank might leave a bit to be desired. It only has a 43 gallon capacity. So you might not want to use it if you have a family of four. A couple with a small child should have no trouble, though. Couples traveling alone would have more than enough water for their needs. This is a slightly smaller RV than you might be looking for if you have a large family. But it’s benefits for couples traveling alone or those with one child make it notable.

9. The Airstream Globetrotter® 30RB

Looks matter, even in travel trailers with 2 bedrooms. You should definitely be practical by looking at real features that a travel trailer can offer you. But don’t ignore looks either. They can help make it easier for you to obtain value from your purchase. The Airstream Globetrotter is one of the nicer looking RVs on the market. Its 30RB model is a good example of a dual bedroom space that can be easily converted. The lounge is what will be converted to sleep more people. Two adults can sleep really comfortably in the living area. When the lounge area is set up for seated relaxation, up to six adults can sit their comfortably.

The bathroom’s design is quite clever. This RV didn’t opt for a single bathroom design. Instead, it went for a more innovative approach. You get a split bathroom with this RV. This means that to the left of the hall you would get a toilet that has some vanity accommodations. The shower would be on the right. You get a wardrobe with the shower as well. This means that both spaces are quite roomy. Stuffing them into a single compartment would have made it difficult to add the extra amenities. So this innovation is something that other RV manufacturers might want to follow at some point.

The design for this RV isn’t just about looks. It’s also been streamlined and optimized. Hence, you get very little drag when you are towing this two bedroom travel trailer. Aerodynamic design is crucial if you want a smooth ride.

You also get a sine inverter with this 2 bedroom travel trailer. This is useful if you want to use solar power at any point. Any family that wants to travel with ease should invest in solar power. It’s just the inverter that might put the price over your limit. Hence, by adding a 1000 watt sine inverter to the package, this RV has made itself quite an affordable option. This is enough to facilitate the 50 amp electrical system that this RV also offers.

Overall, this is a travel trailer that’s meant for a small group. The 38 gallon fresh water tank proves as much. Housing more than three people in this travel trailer would be highly inconvenient. It’s a great option for couples, though. If you are looking for something that can make your honeymoon a bit more special, this is the RV that you should ideally be going for.

10. Dutchmen RV AEROLITE 2923BH Travel Trailer

This offering from Dutchmen is a prime example of doing more with less. You get a dry weight that is just a hair under 7,000 pounds. That alone is impressive. However, when you pair it with the other amenities that are being offered you’ll start to realize that this is just the beginning. This trailer offers a massive 35,000 BTU propane furnace heater. A heater this large will keep your RV warm permanently so long as you give it a constant supply of propane. The air conditioner also offers 13,500 BTUs. So this trailer is perfect for hot weather as well as cold weather.

The living area in this RV has been thoroughly optimized. It has the requisite U shape dinette. However, it also offers you a fireplace. Fireplaces help to give RVs a much more homely and cozy setup. It would remind you of an actual residence rather than just something makeshift that has been thrown together. The entertainment center is also quite nice. There is a space for a huge TV in the master bedroom two. Parents with kids can get some alone time and watch a movie on their own while the kids do their own thing outside.

You can use the entertainment center in a lot of different ways too. The space has been made in such a way that it is versatile. Versatility is Dutchmen’s universal sales pitch after all. So it should surprise you how much they have prioritized versatility in the living space.

Now it’s time to assess the kitchen. Dutchmen certainly didn’t pull any punches in this area. They added a 3 burner stove which is mandatory in such travel trailers. However, Dutchmen didn’t stop there. They decided to add a microwave in an overhead compartment too. This is a very useful extra appliance to have. It can help your kids become a bit more self reliant since they would be able to warm up food for themselves on their own.

The sink has a double basin in it. Washing dishes won’t be too much trouble thanks to this smart sink design. Families inevitably generate a lot of dirty dishes. You need somewhere you can put these dirty dishes without them getting in the way. The double basin sink helps make this a bit easier. The dishes can pile up for a bit before you decide to start washing them.

Travel Trailer Jargon Demystified

You might have noticed that there is a lot of jargon thrown around when it comes to two bedroom travel trailers and RVs. These terms are usually marketing gimmicks from RV manufacturers. However, you need to learn what they mean before you make a purchase. Understanding these terms can help you find the right RV. Otherwise you might sign up for a travel trailer that has a couple of things that you don’t like. We will be discussing three of the most commonly used terms in the industry here. Knowing what these terms mean can aid you in your quest to find the best travel trailer with two bedrooms.


This basically means a travel trailer that has a larger living area that can be converted into a living space. Bunkhouses are great for small families. Young children don’t usually need a lot of privacy. In fact, it’s better if they are out in the open where you can keep an eye on them. They’re too young to take care of themselves. So having them sleep in the living area is great just in case something happens and they need your help.

Bunkhouses usually aren’t suitable for larger groups, though. You should avoid buying a bunkhouse if you want an actual two bedroom experience. Such setups are only worth it if you don’t want an actual double bedroom layout. They’re meant for people that can make do with additional sleeping spaces in the living area.

Tri-Fold Couch

Most two bedroom RVs will come as a pullout couch. These are often referred to as tri-fold couches. Don’t feel intimidated if you hear this term thrown around. It has the same basic meaning as a pull out couch. You might be wondering why this term is used if it means the same thing as a pullout. Well, the reason for this is quite simple. Tri-fold couches turn into beds that have three sections to them. This is different from dual section beds which are smaller and less comfortable.

Hence, you should try to prioritize tri-fold couches. A manufacturer would be sure to use this term if they actually provide a spacious pull out bed for you to use. If they’re just using the term “pull out” or “pull out sofa” then you might want to reconsider since this term is only used if the couch does not turn into a spacious bed with three sections.

Toy Hauler

This is a transportation based term. It means that you can transport smaller purpose built vehicles such as water skis and snowmobiles in the back of the travel trailer. A space will have been set aside for these kinds of vehicles. The fact that they are referred to as toys here is just a little joke. Such vehicles are only used for leisure purposes. Hence, they are called toys and travel trailers that can house them are called toy haulers.

You should try to find a toy hauler if you are an adventurous sort of person. They have plenty of space to fit such vehicles. Once the vehicles are out, the space can be converted into a living area. This means that toy haulers are some of the most versatile mobile homes that you can get. They offer a lot of other benefits too which is why we featured so many of them in our list.

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