About GCT

Global Caravan Technologies, Inc. (GCT) is committed to exceeding expectations of consumers in luxury vehicle markets worldwide, by focusing on design, innovation, and sustainability.

GCT is headquartered in Speedway, Indiana, the Racing Capital Of The World and an enclave suburb of Indianapolis, in the United States. GCT has established a research and development facility next to the renowned Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and across the street from GCT’s key engineering partner, Dallara’s IndyCar Factory. Dallara (https://www.dallara.it/) is a world leader in the design, manufacture and development of racing cars, and is well known for engineering consultancy services for high performance road cars such as the Bugatti Veyron.

Know More:

The GCT project is a vision of the company’s founders and an executive team with diverse backgrounds, driven by customer demands, encouraged by a great set of partners such as Dallara and Purdue University, and inspired by innovations in racing, aerospace, supercar, yachting, and IT industries.

Built with a supercar-inspired monocoque structure and with associated vehicle technology, GCT’s CR-1 Carbon is the world’s first carbon-fiber super-luxury RV, a highly engineered, green, futuristic, light and strong product designed to meet the unfulfilled demands of high-end customers in an exclusive niche market. It is part of a series of upcoming product launches that feature travel trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes and specialty vehicles.

A motorsports approach means we innovate at lightning speed to exceed expectations. Experts said the CR-1 Carbon couldn’t be done in 12 months, but the GCT team did it in about 6 months from the start of engineering design work to the unveiling of the CR-1 Carbon in March 2014.