The 8 Best 4 Season Travel Trailers For Camping in Cold Weather

While many people only do camping in fair seasons, some go beyond this limit and love 4 season RVing and camping.

People use RVs for their fall leaf viewing trips, and as a base camp for their hunting trips as well. You might also want to get a four season RV for high altitude camping trips.

If you’re a person who lives adventures and stuff, then you might be looking for an RV which will work for all 4 seasons. These are actually great vehicles for 4 season camping.

In the piece, we’ll cover some of the best RV which you can rely on for your 4 season RVing needs. Some of the RVs mentioned in this article are made for specific uses, like Ice fishing, and public land hunting. But you can still buy any model regardless of which niche it belongs to. Since these vehicles are made by keeping cold season in mind, you’ll really enjoy even when the temperature drops down considerably outside.

Top 8 Best 4 Season Travel Trailers For Camping In Cold Weather

#1 2020 Tiffin Wayfarer Class C Diesel Motorhome

This motor home is made specifically for 4 season use. It even comes pre-installed with heated mirrors, and pad heaters (12 volt) for water tank. The RV doesn’t have much insulating the bottom portion to cut down the cost of production, and for weight management concerns.

All the features in this vehicle indicate that it is optimized for use in the cold weather as well in addition to the summer and other regular seasons.

However, this RV isn’t capable to handling the extreme cold weather of the Midwest, and Canadian winters. You’ll have to make some changes to this RV to help it handle those winters.

This RV can handle up to sub-32 degree temperature at night, but anything beyond that will certainly require you to add more insulation to the vehicle. Water tank and water lines must be covered nicely when making an modifications to add insulation. You can visit the manufacturers website for more information.

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#2 Forest River Arctic Wolf Explorer

The forest river company is also one of the big guns in the RV industry. They have a wide range of RV models which interest a lot of people. They are especially known for making durable winter-proof RVs which reflect the quality of their manufacturing process.

Their Arctic Wolf is one of their best models with lots of additional winter-proofing features which enable the model to stand out amongst other models. However, keep in kind that Arctic Wolf’s “Elemental Protection Plan” doesn’t always apply to every model of RV they sell.

The inside of their RVs is insulated nicely to avoid heat loss from the inside, or to retain the Air Conditioning in the summer season. In summer days, it allows you to adjust the humidity settings to keep humidity away. For more features of this RV, you can visit the manufacturer’s website.

#3 The Heartland Bighorn

Being a subsidiary of Thor Industries, Heartland has access to their impeccable engineering minds, materials and manufacturing plants. All this allows them to make great and high quality products for their customers.

The R values for this RV model are great. They are R-11 for walls, R-38 for floor, and R-40 for Roof. Insulation is thick and effective enough to keep the cold air from AC inside the vehicle in the summer, and Warm air inside in the winter season.

This 4 season travel trailer is specifically designed to be sufficient for 4 season travel. However, if you live in an area which falls below zero Fahrenheit for a few days in the winter, you’ll need to take extra precautions.

You can choose to add dual air conditioner when buying this 4 season travel trailer. This will help you handle the crazy amount of heat in the 4 season travel trailer in the summer season.

You can choose from various trim levels when buying a Big Horn Moniker. Their King Of The Mountain is one of the most popular ones amongst their fans.

This King has a King sized bed by default, but you surely can add sleeping space for more people by getting a custom version made for you.

#4 Ice Castle RV Trailer

This RV model specifically started for the fishermen who wanted to stay on ice for a ling time without going back in between.

Over the years, the RV industry has changed a lot, and many people are now looking for 4 season RVs for full time RVing. These RVs let’s you enjoy all the seasons including the harsh winners and hot summers without any issues.

These RVs are made very lightweight in order to enable the RVers to take them on thin ice as well. With low weight, you can also add a 4 season travel trailer in the rear side of your big pickup truck easily.

#5 American Eagle Fish House Trailer By Ice Castle

This brand is one of the fastest expanding brands in the fishermen house niche. This specific model by the company allows you to easily park in on ice for a great fishing adventure, and you can also park in easily in an RV park for regular RVing experience.

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This is a bug 4 season travel trailer, and is around 21 feet long. But it is still light enough to be supported by just 1 axle. The default model has enough room for 5 adults to sleep.

There is also an Arctic model with spray foam insulation to provide extra durability and cold protection in the deep cold. This model also prevents vapor transfer in the summer season when there is higher than normal humidity.

There is also a rooftop AC in this model, which makes it the ultimate 4 season camper. It can easily handle both the summer and winter trips. You can read detailed specifications of this product on the manufacturer’s website.

#6 Jayco 2020 Redhawk 25R Class C Motorhome

Jayco is a reputable brand in the RVing industry which is knows to manufacture some of the greatest 4 seasons RVs and Campers. They always provide the RV enthusiasts with the greatest functionality and quality. They produce some really high quality Campers that you should definitely try if you’re into full time RVing.

This specific model by the company is a class C motorhome which can be bought in a variety of floor plans. Company calls their insulation the “Climate Shield”. This is their weather protection system in 4 seasons Campers. This features equips the camper with some incredible insulation capabilities which allow it to insulate the camper and protect it from both the winter and summer season.

A Ford frame is used in the construction of this camper which allows for extra durability. It is powered by a V10 engine, which is enough to power up this RV on off road trips on bumpy trails and less than ideal driving conditions.

You can choose the features you want your camper to have based on the floor plan you choose. The 25R is very popular amongst small families who liver 4 season camping without any limitations. The manufacturer’s website has all of its features mentioned.

#7 Keystone Montana Fifth Wheel

This company is also under Thor Industries. This company is popular for making durable 4 season RVs. They are constantly increasing their market share by making high quality and durable RV models that actually deliver the promised performance. Their RVs also have the best features that an enthusiastic RVer can ever ask for.

This specific model comes with a great heating and AC cooling system to handle both weather extremes. Larger tanks also allow you to stay off the grid for a ling period of time without the need to come back soon.

It comes with a total of 22 floor plans which you can choose from. Every single floor plan has plenty of space to accommodate you your family.

Based on their features and quality, these models can range from $80k to $93k. The features are different within the whole line of Montana products. The least expensive model of their line is on par with a small feature-rich apartment.

If you like enjoying off grid winter camping trips for a ling time, you should definitely try one of the models of these Campers. There are lots of additional features which you can read about by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

#8 Jayco 2018 Eagle Fifth Wheels 327CKTS

Jayco is an RV giant, and they also have a great range of 4 season Campers for their fans to try out.

Their 4 season trailer is very specious, and is filled with features. You can choose from a wide range of plans when shopping for this specific model.

There is a total of 5 different plans to choose when you’re buying this 4 season travel trailer. Some plans are modified to accommodate up to 8 sleeping persons. You can at least fit a small family in a camper of this model. Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information and features.

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