The 10 Best Class C Motorhome Under 30 Feet

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A common misconception among motorhome buyers is that they need to find the biggest motorhome possible. However, class C motorhomes can work perfectly well too. In fact, we feel like they might even work better than larger motorhomes. You might think that Class C motorhomes that are under 30 feet aren’t worth it. This is actually untrue. They are some of the best motorhomes that you can buy, and they have a lot of advantages associated with them. We will be discussing some of these advantages to give you a better idea of why Class C motorhomes are some of the best options out there.

You can also find a list of the top ten class C motorhomes that are currently available. These motorhomes represent the best of the best when it comes to living on the road. They are suitable for a wide range of uses, but we especially recommend them if you want to go on vacation without worrying about accommodation costs. These motorhomes offer both travel as well as accommodation in a single package, so that will definitely take a load off your mind.

That said, we don’t just want to give you a list of products we think you should buy and leave it at that. We also want you to know why class C motorhomes are so great, and we also want you to understand why we picked the ones we chose. We’ll start off by talking about the benefits of owning a class C motorhome that’s under 30 feet. Then we’ll move on to discussing our screening process in the buying guide. Read on to find all of the information you will ever need about buying a class C motorhome that’s under 30 feet.


It’s important to know why you are buying a particular item. After all, you are spending good money on it. Knowing what advantages buying it would provide can help you feel confident in your decision. Here are some of the advantages that come with owning a motorhome that is on the smaller side.

Easier to Drive

Larger RVs and motorhomes are great for having more space. But they tend to be difficult to drive. This is because maneuvering such large vehicles can be such a challenge. In a lot of situations you might need expertise with these specific vehicles in order to drive them properly. Class C motorhomes don’t have any such issues. Because they are easier to drive, they end up being a lot safer as well. There is a far lower risk of you losing control of the vehicle. All of these things are important if you want to have a stress free motorhome experience. You wouldn’t have to get accustomed to the needs of such a large vehicle if you get something that’s under 30 feet.

Compatible With All Campsites

Some campsites are only made for smaller vehicles. They are made in such a way because they want to restrict their services for smaller families. Otherwise the campgrounds could get too crowded. A motorhome that is built to class C specifications can fit into pretty much any campsite out there. If you live in a large motorhome, people would assume that you don’t need a campsite. They won’t think any such thing if you have a more compact, yet still luxurious, motorhome. This can make it easier for you to travel to your heart’s content since you won’t have to worry about where you can park for the night.

Cheaper Up Front

It can be expensive to buy a motorhome. Many people have to delay their plans so that they can save up for one. If you go for a motorhome that’s under 30 feet, it will require a lower up front investment. This means that you can get started on your journey sooner, and spend less money in the process as well. Hence, class C motorhomes are a lot more accessible than other varieties. They also have lower maintenance costs which makes them even more affordable.

Better Gas Mileage

Gas can be a huge expense while you are on the road. Since class C motorhomes are smaller and lighter, they tend to use less fuel as well. Your general energy usage has an impact as well. But for the most part, you would need less fuel if you are traveling in a motorhome that’s under 30 feet. This isn’t just a cost saving benefit either. It also means that you would need to make fewer stops. It can be stressful to think about how much fuel you have and how much further it can take you. This is part of the reason why class C motorhomes offer such a stress free experience.

More Versatile

You don’t want to be stuck traveling the same old boring roads once you buy a motorhome. Rather, you would want to check out places that are off the beaten path. It’s not possible to do this with larger motorhomes. The luxury they provide comes at a price, and we’re not just talking about money either. Class C motorhomes are great because they allow you to go off road, and their increased maneuverability means that there aren’t a lot of places where you won’t be able to go.

Buying Guide

We take a lot of information into consideration when finding motorhomes to add to our top ten lists. This partly involves seeing reviews from regular people that might have recently purchased an RV or motorhome. That way we end up avoiding a lot of the marketing and other gimmicks that some manufacturers might try to put out there. We also judge each motorhome based on a specific set of standards. You can use these criteria to make your own decisions as well. Here are the things we look for in a motorhome:

Number of Berths

People talk a lot about maximizing space in your motorhomes. However, it’s not just about the space itself. The number of berths is a little more specific. It refers to the number of people that might be able to comfortably sleep in the motorhome. The placement of these berths matters as well. They need to be arranged in such a way that you and your family members can be close together while you’re sleeping. This will also maximize heating during winter. If the berths are all in one place, you can just a use a space heater in that area at night.

Available Floor Plans

You should ideally have three or four floor plans to choose from. This would give you more control over how your motorhome looks from the inside. Floor plans also give you an idea of how you can decorate your interior space. The quality of the floor plan matters too. You need to use space as efficiently as possible. The floor plan should ideally incorporate several slide outs. That way you can use a bed or a table when the need arises and then stow it away when you no longer need it. This leads to less space being used on average.

Options For Add-Ons

The initial motorhome that you buy will definitely be worth it. It would have all of the basics that you are going to need. However, at some point you might want to get an upgrade. Alternatively, you might like the basic model but would need a little more luxury to make the whole package worth it. This is why you should opt for a motorhome that has several upgrade options. Add-ons can make your motorhome experience a lot more comfortable.

Durability And Look

This is a mobile home that you are buying, not just some car. Hence, it needs to be very durable. All of the materials that are used here should be optimized for durability. This includes materials that might be in the interior, such as the sofa upholstery. Don’t just focus on durability, though. Your motorhome also needs to look as amazing as possible. After all, aesthetics matter. You simply won’t be satisfied with your lifestyle until and unless your motorhome looks nice. So try to find a motorhome that uses luxurious looking materials. The great thing about such materials is that they tend to be durable by default.

Driving Experience

At the end of the day, your motorhome is a vehicle that you would be driving. It’s meant to be lived in, but that doesn’t change the fact that you would need it to drive smoothly. Lots of people make the mistake of buying a motorhome for how its interior looks only to be disappointed when they realize it’s not very easy to drive. Maneuverability is particularly important here. It helps determine the kind of areas you would be able to visit in your motorhome. A motorhome with a poor drive would also be more prone to accidents.

Top 10 Best Class C Motorhome Under 30 Feet

1. Winnebago View Class C Motorhome

This class C motorhome can sleep up to 4 people. That’s enough for a small family. It also works if you are a group of young people that don’t have kids. Four is a great number for a group. It ensures that a community oriented ambiance can arise during your travels. You also get both an air conditioner as well as a heater with this motorhome. The air conditioner uses up to 15,000 BTUs, and it has a handy heat pump as well. The furnace is even more impressive. With 20,000 BTUs as well its smartly placed ducting that prevents unsightly ducts from ruining the interior design of your motorhome, this furnace heater is perfect for keeping everyone warm no matter how cold it might be outside.

Fresh water is important in any motorhome. This one provides you with a 30-37 gallon capacity fresh water tank depending on the floor plan you choose. It also has separate gray water and black water tanks of 41 gallons each.

Some people say that this motorhome is meant more for practicality rather than comfort. However, we found this to be a very comfortable live in vehicle. It provides all of the basic necessities with plenty of USB ports throughout. In fact, it even has a fully decked out kitchen. There’s not much that you wouldn’t be able to make in this kitchen.

Weighing in at around 15,000 pounds, this is a fairly heavy car. You should keep that in mind since it would impact maneuverability. It’s still not as heavy as other classes of motorhomes though. It provides enough space without becoming so heavy that you would not be able to drive it easily.

Priced at around $160,000, this motorhome is definitely a bit on the more expensive side. However, we feel like the features it provides make this price worth it. The long lasting nature of this class C motorhome also makes such a price worth it. It’s a one time expense that would last quite a while in the long term.

2. Coachmen Freelander Class C RV

If you have a larger family, or are traveling in a sizeable group, it can be difficult to make do with a class C motorhome or RV. That’s because they usually aren’t designed to be large enough for more than four or five people. The Coachmen Freelander, though, is clearly not bound by such rules. It can sleep up to eight people very comfortably. This makes it perfect for spring break getaways or big family trips. The capacity of this coach is particularly impressive when you consider the price. This RV is available for less than $100,000. Hence, if you are looking for a solution that can sleep eight or so people and you are willing to sacrifice a small amount of comfort, this RV is perfect for you.

You really get a sense of the difference between space and number of berths here. While this RV sleeps up to eight people, its living spaces are rather compact. This doesn’t mean you would have too little space to enjoy your life, though. There’s still more than enough to go around. You just won’t have the same level of luxury that various motorhomes can provide. There is a reason why they are more expensive, after all.

One aspect of this RV that we liked a lot was the material that was used. Coachmen decided to use rot resistant aluminum here. Aluminum is a popular metal for RV manufacturing. It’s lightweight yet durable. However, it does tend to get damaged a lot due to the weather. The fact that this RV is made of aluminum that is rot resistant will help it last a lot longer. You can take advantage of the lightweight material which helps make this RV easier to drive while also getting a lot of durability.

The fresh water tank for this RV has a capacity of about 50 or so gallons. That’s a bit on the low side, but a compromise had to made somewhere or the other. 50 gallons is generally enough for 8 people if you get your water tank refilled regularly.

3. Tiffin Wayfarer Class C Diesel Motorhome

Class C motorhomes are often thought of as budget options. Lots of manufacturers tend to treat them this way. More emphasis is placed on class A or B motorhomes. Tiffin has been guilty of this tendency as well, but they are trying to change this with the Wayfarer Class C by adding a lot of great luxury features. Up to four people can sleep in this mobile home. It’s definitely on the lighter side, weighing in at just over 11,000 pounds. Hence, you get all of the benefits that you expect with class C motorhomes while also getting some much needed extra luxury.

A particular aspect of this motorhome that we liked, and that we’re sure you would also like, is the solar panel that comes with it. A 170 watt solar panel like the one you’d get with the Tiffin Wayfarer Class C is enough to power most if not all of your home appliances. It comes built into the motorhome. So you wouldn’t have to worry about getting it installed. There is a full solar setup that the panel is built into. Which means that if you want to upgrade to a larger panel, the infrastructure allowing you to do this is already there.

Not a single square foot has been wasted here. Even the space above the driver cab has been utilized. A loft has been installed in the space above the driver cab. This is great if you want to relax and have a good time. It also provides you the chance to get a little bit of privacy. Being cooped up in a motorhome with three or four other people can lead to a bit of tension. Having a place where someone can go for some alone time can help relieve a lot of this tension. The loft can be used as a recreational space, and we also recommend that you turn it into a reading nook. It’s cozy and comfortable nature makes it perfect for reading a good book.

4. Coach House Platinum III

The third iteration of the Platinum series motorhome from Coach House comes with a lot of new features. It has been built with a single piece of fiberglass that has been specifically molded for the vehicle. One piece fiberglass construction is proven to be a lot more structurally sound. It also helps provide a lot of insulation. You would need to turn the heater on a lot less thanks to this. An hour or so of the heater being on would leave your motorhome warm for the rest of the night while you and your family are sleeping.

There are a lot of other cool features that you would get with this motorhome. A good example is the built in camera. It provides a colorized picture of what is going on outside. This is great for boosting security. You would feeler safer if you have a view of what’s going on around the exterior of your motorhome.

One smart way in which Coach House has saved space in this motorhome is by limiting tank capacity for gray and black water. You get a 28 gallon tank for gray water and a 19 gallon tank for black water. Since this motorhome sleeps about 3 people, that’s more than enough to handle the waste water you’d generate over a reasonable period of time. The freshwater tank is a lot bigger with a capacity of 31 gallons. That’s enough to keep everyone supplied with water for bathing, washing and drinking.

Another nice feature that you would get to use is the built in GPS system. It’s a little old school in the age of the smartphone but it’s still very useful. Built in GPS means that you wouldn’t get interrupted by notifications on your phone. It allows you to stay focused on the road while also keeping an eye on the route that you are taking. A built in WiFi booster would help ensure that the GPS stays active at all times. It would also help you stay connected with the outside world. This can be important, especially when you are planning your trip.

5. Dynamax Isata 3 Series Class C Motorhome

This is a great option if you want a luxury Class C RV at a reasonable price. It offers plenty of space to keep you from feeling claustrophobic. Storage space has also been provided. The seats in the dinette are built in a specific way. You can raise the seat and find a storage compartment within it. This storage compartment would allow you to keep all of your belongings safe. The fact that you get so much storage without losing out on living space is a huge advantage.

The kitchen is a particularly nice aspect of this mobile home. It has all of the essentials. Including a double door fridge. The fridge has excellent cooling capacity. It will keep all of your food from going bad. You can also take advantage of the excellent stove. It’s a gas powered cooking range that is truly versatile. We especially liked the under cabinet lighting. It’s perfect for when you want to make yourself a midnight snack. You need to be able to see properly if you want to cook delicious meals. The under cabinet lighting provides adequate illumination, and their placement adds to the aesthetic appeal of the motorhome as well.

There is a real premium feel permeating the Dynamax Isata 3 Series. From the ceiling to the floor, every aspect of this motorhome has been optimized for comfort. The ceiling has soft padded vinyl which gives the interior a warm and comforting feel. Vinyl has been used in the flooring as well. It lends even more of a luxury feel to the RV. As well as being very easy to clean. Cleaning can be a real hassle if you’re out on the road trying to have a true adventure. A floor that is easy to clean is a worthy investment because it would save you a lot of time and allow you to focus on enjoying the moment.

6. Quantum Sprinter Class C RV By Thor Motor Coach

Up to 6 people can sleep in this RV. That’s enough for two small families, or one large one. The vehicle is definitely on the lighter side, weighing in at around 11,000 pounds although it can go up to 14,000 based on the model or floor plan you choose. A notable feature in this RV is the gas generator. It’s quite powerful, capable of providing a consistent energy supply to all of your appliances.

Not having electricity can be a real source of anxiety if you are on a road trip. It’s nice to have a generator you can rely on if solar power isn’t working. Some might even prefer to just use the generator alone. This would be a little expensive but it can result in you having electricity 24/7. This usually isn’t possible with solar power. Because the sun eventually has to go down, and solar panels don’t produce electricity once this happens.

The layout of the living room is really amazing in this RV. Even though this isn’t exactly a luxury RV, the living room manages to be quite spacious. That’s all thanks to the layout. Smart arrangement of furniture can do a lot to maximize space. You can make even a very compact space work very well if you know how to lay it out properly.

Another thing that you will love is the driving cab. Both the driver and passenger seats in the driver’s cab can swivel. Hence, the person driving can turn their seat and face the interior of the RV at any point. This also gives you some extra seating. If you have some people over, you can turn the seats and give them a place to sit. It’s also convenient that the driver wouldn’t have to get out of the driving cab and enter the RV through the main entrance once the driving is done. Driving for extended periods of time can be really tiring. The special seat you get with this RV can save the person driving some of the extra work that they would otherwise have had to do.

7. Jayco Melbourne Class C RV

If you want an RV that is big enough for six people but don’t have a very high budget, this offering from Jayco is perfect for you. At just under $77,000, it’s about 2/3rds the price of most other RVs that can sleep six people. You would get some great features too. The water tank has a 40 gallon capacity. That’s more than some higher end models out there. This RV will cover all of the basics. But it’s quite luxurious as well. The luxuries have been chosen carefully so as not to drive up the price. Whereas great care has been taken to make sure that all basic necessities are accounted for.

The bathroom has a skylight in it. Which is perfect for getting maximum natural light. It’s important to get as much natural light as possible. Not getting enough sunlight can lead to a range of health issues. You can also shower with ease in this RV. That’s because the shower has a glass door. You wouldn’t have to worry about your bathroom getting wet while you’re taking a shower anymore. This is a very high end feature. Most RVs of this class offer outdoor showers. With this RV you’re not just getting an indoor shower, you’re also getting a very fancy glass door to go along with it!

It’s pretty clear that Jayco has tried to make an RV that optimizes privacy. The pleated blackout curtains are a good example of this. Not only do they provide a lot of privacy, they help control the light that enters your RV as well. Sleeping during the day can be difficult. Because of the amount of sunlight that comes in through the window. The curtains can block most of this light out. They’ll leave your interior space looking very dim and comfortable. If you want to take an afternoon nap, the blackout curtains will certainly help you do so.

You get a bunch of other neat features as well. Such as the pull out spray shower in the kitchen. It can make washing dishes a breeze.

8. Forest River Sunseeker Class C Motorhome

This is another great option that sleeps 6 on a budget. It comes with 13,500 BTU air conditioner. The heater puts out around 30,000 BTUs thanks to its furnace technology. This is also an especially light motorhome. It’s one of those rare Class C motorhomes that are under 11,000 pounds. This makes for very easy maneuvering. If you’ve driven a heavier RV, this one should give you no trouble. Just make sure that you take it out for a test drive first. Suddenly driving a lighter car can make you lose control. Because you would be used to motorhomes with more heft to them.

Split level design is a great way to give you more space. It also gives the motorhome a snazzier look. Even the kitchen has been made to look as fancy as possible. Part of this is thanks to the stainless steel appliances. They look great and are also more durable. Stainless steel is an excellent material that lasts a really long time. Appliances made out of this material are quite expensive. So it helps make the already reasonable price even more worth it when you’re getting such high quality appliances.

The countertops are also quite smooth. One thing we like about them in particular is how easy to clean they are. They also have rounded edges which will save you on child proofing costs. The material used in the countertop is very durable. It’s perfect for chopping vegetables or any other cooking activity that you need to get done.

Most RVs come with two burner stoves. This one, on the other hand, offers you a three burner. This would make cooking more convenient. You can get a lot more things done simultaneously instead of waiting for one of the burners to free up. A lot of space saving techniques have also been used. For example, the sofa can be turned into a bed, and it has a lot of storage space underneath it as well. All in all this is a great motorhome that won’t take up too much space.

9. Entegra Qwest Sprinter Style Class C Diesel Motorhome

This is a more heavy duty motorhome. You can see this in the engine it provides. The V6 engine is very powerful. It facilitates fast driving. Sometimes when you are traveling you need to be able to drive quickly. It can be prove useful if you need to get somewhere by a specific date or time. You also need an engine that’s this powerful in order to drive the car effectively. Otherwise it would drag along at a very slow space and might even get damaged in the process. So it’s nice that Entegra paid attention to the engine in this motorhome.

The seats that the driver can use are very plush. The leather used is high quality. Entegra didn’t take the cost saving route by opting for fake leather. This is why the somewhat high price tag is worth it. You would also get a very cute dinette table with this motorhome. It is built in a U shape. This saves a lot of space and leaves enough room for everyone to sit down for a lovely meal. The kitchen will also help with this. It comes with a handy microwave.

Such appliances are great because they help reduce food waste. This is because they make it easier to warm up any leftovers you may have. The stove also has a flush cover. Motorhomes are enclosed spaces. Ventilation can be a real issue with them if you’re not careful. The flush cover would prevent gas from leaking into your RV. This is a real danger that has caused some injuries.. Taking precautions is mandatory and this includes keeping the flush cover secure.

You’ll probably appreciate the high gloss cabinets as well. They are both pretty and functional, with the functionality coming from how easy they are to clean. Kitchen accessories frequently get dirty. Because of the grease and vapors that come during the cooking process. Glossy cabinets don’t get nearly as dirty. They can also be wiped down with ease.

10. Thor Motor Coach Siesta Sprinter Class C RV

The living space you get in the Thor Motor Coach is one thing that would immediately catch your eye. The vinyl flooring is beautiful and well designed. Even the roof has soft vinyl. It also provides a good 12.5 feet of height. This is plenty to keep the room from looking claustrophobic. A tall ceiling is great for a lot of other reasons as well. It helps your RV stay cool. Heat tends to rise, so a higher ceiling means that heat will be able to rise further away from you. As a result, the air conditioning would be less frequently required which is a great cost saving measure.

This RV is big on leatherette. From the dinette to the sofa, which can convert to a murphy bed by the way, a lot of the aspects of this RV have been packaged in leatherette. This is great because leatherette is very durable. It’s quite resistant to tears and other forms damage. What’s more is that it looks so incredible. The colors are deep and vivid, and you can do a lot to complement them with other items that you bring into the RV.

The double door refrigerator is a really great addition that can help you store a great deal of food. It is built for maximum cold storage. This RV is perfect for summer usage for these reasons. Both the high ceiling and the double door fridge are made for making hot summers easier to get through.

All in all, this is an RV that will give you a lot of bang for your buck. It’s an affordable option that is on the larger side of Class C motorhomes. Hence, you get a bit of extra space for the same great price. You get both versatility and comfort in a reasonably priced package.

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