RVs are great for a lot of uses. However, you need to invest in electrical management systems if you want your RV experience to be top notch. The best rv surge protector can help protect your electrical system and prevent electrical issues from occurring during your trip. You don’t want to be traveling in remote locales only to face a sudden shutdown of power to your rv. This can often happen if power surges occur, which is why you need rv surge protectors that would automatically shut off power. A power surge can greatly damage your electrical system. Which is why surge protection is such an important thing to consider. We have a list of excellent surge protectors that you can buy. We’ve also provided a buying guide to help you understand what kind of surge protector is worth buying.

Top 5 Best RV Surge Protector

Progressive Industries 30 Amp Portable RV Smart Surge Protector With Cover (1 MIN), SSP-30XL
3,921 Reviews
Progressive Industries 30 Amp Portable RV Smart Surge Protector With Cover (1 MIN), SSP-30XL
  • Surge Protection: 3-Mode / 825J / 22,500A. Ratings: 30A / 120V / 3,600W. Operating...
  • Open Ground, Open Neutral & Reverse Polarity Detection, Miswired Pedestal Indication,...
Portable RV Surge Protector Portable EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector , Black
1,814 Reviews
Portable RV Surge Protector Portable EMS-PT30X RV Surge Protector , Black
  • Surge Protection: 3-Mode / 1,790J / 44,000A. Ratings: 30A / 120V / 3,600W. Operating...
  • Weather Resistant/designed for Outdoor Use
Progressive Industries 50 Amp Portable RV Electrical Management System Surge Protector (1 MIN), EMS-PT50X , Black
1,570 Reviews
Progressive Industries 50 Amp Portable RV Electrical Management System Surge Protector (1 MIN), EMS-PT50X , Black
  • Surge Protection: 5-Mode / 3,580J / 88,000A. Ratings: 50A / 120V/240V / 12,000W. Operating...
  • Weather Resistant/designed for Outdoor Use
Surge Guard 44280 Portable Surge Protector - 120V, 30A,Black
1,229 Reviews
Surge Guard 44280 Portable Surge Protector - 120V, 30A,Black
  • Identifies Faulty Park Power Plus Offers Surge Protection
  • Tests For And Indicates Open Neutral, Open Ground, Reverse Polarity, Open Circuit/No...

Buying Guide

Withstanding Various Weather Conditions

RV surge protectors tend to go a lot of rough use. This is in the nature of its job. It’s hard wired into your system, but since it’s on the outside of your RV it needs to be quite weather resistant as well. Rust can be the worst enemy of any surge protector, even the most high end ones you could buy. Humid areas will cause even more damage. Frequent exposure to humid winds can cause rust as well as other moisture related issues. Durability is also important in other respects. You need something that is sturdy without being too heavy. Something that can withstand a few accidental drops is probably worth looking into. You can’t be too careful when it comes to maintaining a consistent supply of electricity.

Prioritize Diagnostic Tools

An older surge protector would just shut the whole system down if high voltage is detected. New models tend to work a little differently, though. They have a few diagnostic tools that you can use. These tools are a great way to figure out the underlying problem. You should be able to fix a power surge immediately by using a surge protector. However, being able to figure out what the actual problem is would be useful too. After all, just putting a band-aid on the wound is not a long term solution. Get a newer surge guard, one that has some diagnostic capabilities to it. It’s worth the slightly higher price.

LED Displays Are Important

This is another thing that usually only comes with a newer model power pedestal. It’s quite a useful feature to have. Using such a tool is not just about amp service, after all. Focusing on just practical features would not be enough. You also need an LED display to make it easier for you to use the tool. Such displays give you more control over the surge protector. They can also help you better understand the readings you are getting. An LED display can make it easier for you to use diagnostic tools. This makes these higher end products worth it.

Get Something Portable

You should ideally only go for a portable ems. Anything too heavy would not be worth using. It would weigh down your RV and prevent you from traveling fast on the road. A heavier surge guard would also lead to greater fuel consumption. Because more fuel would be required to move the extra weight. Portability is also useful in terms of positioning the tool. You might need to occasionally take it out and check its readings. Or there might be a surge at which point you’d need to hold the protector in your hand to see what went wrong. Heavy protectors would not facilitate this kind of usage. Even a 50 amp protector should not be too heavy.

Consider Surge Protector Compatibility

A 30 amp surge guard would have a different plug from other amp models. Keep this in mind while buying your stabilizer. It can affect compatibility. Improper compatibility might lead to low voltage. Or the surge protector simply wouldn’t work in the first place. Plug type is not the only factor to consider here either. It’s also about what kind of voltage your protector can handle. This depends a lot on the type of RV you happen to be using. Ask an expert before making a purchase. This can help you to ensure compatibility.


Do you really need a surge protector for your RV?

The importance of surge protection can’t be overstated. A surge protector can save you a lot of money down the line. It also allows you to use open ground power outlets without the dangers that come with such things. A power defender can also prevent your appliances from breaking down as well. This means that you would spend less money on appliance repair and replacement. Using an rv surge protector is particularly useful if you live in your RV. A nomadic lifestyle requires you to be self sufficient after all.

Do I need a 30 amp or 50 amp surge protector?

This depends on your power supply. A 30 amp unit is generally perfect for smaller RVs. Larger RVs tend to have bigger power supplies though, which means that you would need a 50 amp surge protector if you have one. A 30 amp surge guard is generally sufficient, though, especially if you only use basic appliances. After all, life on the road doesn’t allow for much extravagance. 50 amp service might be necessary if you have a large family, though. More people means more energy that gets used. Amperage isn’t everything, though. Whether you go for 30 or 50 amp, you need to mind the joule rating as well. This is an important part of rv surge protector compatibility.


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