You have finally found your dream RV trailer, as it contains all the features and accessories you desire to fulfill your wanderlust and love for adventure. From giant slide-outs to an aesthetically appealing kitchen, this camper has all in store for the travel enthusiasts. There is one caveat to this whole deal though: the trailer is too heavy for your half-ton truck to drag properly.

Fifth-wheel RVs are highly sought after in the community of adventurers, as it gives them the liberty of carrying their mobile home to far remote lands without any hassle of setting up a traditional camp every time. Depending upon your personal preference, you can make various customizations in the camper, which includes floor plans, amenities, and interior décor. Some of these travel trailers can be substantially heavy in terms of their weight, and not all of us have the financial resources to purchase heavy-duty trucks – like Ford F-350 or a Chevrolet Silverado – that are perfect complement to them. If you are an owner of a half-ton pickup truck, then you would have to limit your search options in the market.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Ultra-Lightweight Camper

RV shoppers should have good knowledge about the payload limits and dimensions of the campers in the market before they attach it to the rear of their truck for the next adventure trip. You would have to carry out a conservative approach when it comes to choosing an appropriate option that can be pulled away easily with the engine power of your vehicle. You might purchase an 8000-pound travel trailer and feel relieved because you know that your truck has the towing capacity of up to 12,000 pounds, but that is not how it works. There is always some degree of variation to the hitch weight of the travel trailer, because it is occupied by passengers and furniture items – which can add to an increase in its overall weight. This is the reason; you should maintain a fair gap between the max load capacity of your ​tow vehicle and the weight of the camper, because it can soon be filled up by other additions during any trip. There are various measures that you must take before purchasing a camper for your upcoming ventures into the wood.

  • The independent front suspension of the truck should be leveled at a high position, as that would make it difficult for you to attach to the front holder of a travel trailer. The soft springs usually found in these trucks can be customized according to the preference of the driver, which would allow them to firmly drag the trailer without relying too much on the traction of rubber tires.
  • Rather than solely relying on the towing power of the pickup, you should be looking at the gross vehicle weight rating (gvwr), which gives a fair estimate about the acceleration and velocity achievable by the vehicle once it is subjected with heavy load.

Top 4 ​Travel Trailers For 1/2 Ton Trucks in ​2020

There are various fifth-wheel trailers that are especially manufactured to be towed by trucks with low payload capacity. The rear hitch of a truck can be easily attached to the forward quarter holder placed in front of a typical camper, so that it provides a smooth motion at different terrains and road surfaces.

  • Airstream RV Flying Cloud

From top notch air-conditioning units to handy battery power converter, this mini camper is equipped with all the features to make your next outdoor venture full of excitement and fun. The buyers also get to use a convertible sofa bed, which can be easily switched to a conventional bed when they require taking a nap during their journey. With dozens of floor plan options, you would be able to find an underlayment and flooring option that suits your personal preference. In order to unwind and relax after an exhausting trekking session, you get to relax in a dedicated lounge. The walk-around queen bed offered in this trailer can easily accommodate two people, and is made out of high-quality mattress.

  • Coachmen Freedom Express

Get ready to make timeless memories with your loved ones, and you would not have to face any limitations if you wish to invite all your extended family members as it has the capacity of up to nine people. With increased axle spacing, this camper proves to be highly stable when you plan about taking it to high windy areas, as it has strong traction and grip strength. The vacuum-bond laminated sidewalls in this model add the safety factors during the journey, and not only can they withstand rough conditions but they also provide more options for upgrading the interior décor.

  • Cruiser RV MPG

With its tri-tone fiberglass exterior and lustrous coating of paint in the front part, you would be able to easily impress all the trailer enthusiasts in your friends circle and close acquaintances. It provides endless sleeping and dining possibilities to the clients, and you can make your choice according to the number of passengers and travel gear you are expected to take. The built-in LED awning light can really make a difference when you plan to perform grilling sessions with your buddies during the nighttime.

  • Heartland Wilderness Trailer

Now you can finally ditch the campsite facilities the next time you feel nature’s call as it has a full bathroom with all the basic amenities and features. This full-featured camper also boasts a curvilinear roof that increases the height of the ceiling and in turn it can be highly convenient to add large furniture items. You can also use its laminated roof for walking purpose without worrying about breaking apart or suffering from any physical injury. There is also appropriate storage space where you can keep your food and clothing items safely.

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