When it comes to towing a travel trailer, you need to ensure that your pickup’s payload limit is big enough to attach an additional camper at its rear hitch. Your selection would get limited as soon as you start looking for models that weigh below 3000 pounds – which is considered the lowest limit for RVs in general. Despite your strict search pattern, there is no reason you have to pay less priority to your enjoyment and fun factor.

You can rediscover your inner compass by going into the woods, and you would definitely feel more connected to the ineffable powers of nature. We all deserve to give ourselves the chance to renew our life after daily spending 8 hours at the workplace, as the monotonous routine can gradually built up on your nerves – which can in turn affect your inner coping mechanism of dealing with anxiety and depression. When you would have a comfy camper attached at the back of your van, you would not have to worry about flimsy manual camps – which can be blown away easily by strong winds and don’t offer a desired level of privacy and security.

In order to get the most bang for your buck, you have to look for other factors that are interlinked with the amount of load it can bear rather than relying solely on the dry weight limit provided by the manufacturer. Once you fill gas in your tank and all your belongings are placed inside the interior compartments, the net weight of the entire container would be increased. For people who own mini-size SUVs, we have compiled a list of some of the most lightweight trailers for affordable price range.

Top 5 ​Travel Trailers Under 3000 lbs. in ​2020

KZ Escape E160RBT

Now you no more have to postpone those spontaneous adventure plans as long as you have this trailer in your garage, as it can be easily mobilized to different terrains in seamless manner. The fiberglass exterior gives the entire container a glamorous appearance and its interior space can be upgraded to suit your camping lifestyle. The 2-burner cooktop and microwave oven adds a new dimension to your travel experience, as you no more have to resort to eating snack bars and packaged food items. Not only would you be able to cater to your hunger at any time of the day, but you would also have the liberty of preparing large batches of meal at a time. Its 12 feet awning provides an additional shade area to you, whether you need protection against heavy rainfall or scorching heat of the sun.

You also get to use two tent beds when you purchase this camper, which means that you would be able to leave out more walking space inside the trailer during the daytime. You can also spend a peaceful time in the restroom, which is placed at a corner of the container, so that you don’t have to deal with someone invading your privacy when you get the nature’s call. You can also organize more interactive late-night party by setting up its outdoor LED lighting fixtures that are placed below the power awning shade.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX Travel Trailer

Whether you are newbie RVer or a veteran, you would surely like this highly towable and liveable family-friendly camper. Its two double-sized bunks offers capacious sleeping options for the occupants, and it is best suited for large families. The separate vanity area gives you the privacy of performing your grooming routines without being interrupted by anyone in between who wants to use the toilet. The A-frame is fully integrated, so that you can enjoy large head room without having to do any compromise to upgrade the upholstery or kitchen appliances.

Happier Camper HC1

This retro-modern mini trailer has all the amenities of the modern age, and yet it pulls of a classic look in a badass way like no other brand in the market. Its large hatch and wide entry doors make the home accessibility very easy, and despite its compact size it contains all the major features to fulfill your travel needs.

It is known for its ground-breaking flexibility, as it can be adjusted according to the bumpiness and roughness of the terrain. It weighs around 1,100 pounds, which can be easily towed by any small vehicle with low engine power. The sleek and luxe styling of its interior space is highly appealing to the eyes, and you would definitely commend its aesthetics and design patterns.

Scamp 13’ Trailer

Its top notch fuel efficiency and space utilization features are designed for small families that want a compact dimensions and design of camper for their outdoor adventures. Its beige curtains and nicely-sized windows would add help you bring out the sophisticated ambiance that you were striving to achieve, and its floor plans can be chosen according to your travel requirements. Its super insulation (R15) would allow you to maintain a controlled temperature in the living space, so that you can stay nice and warm during extremely cold climate conditions.

Taxa Cricket Camper

At 15 feet long, it features under-bed storage and a power backup that can go off-grid for up to 3 days. For all the weekend warriors, this space-cruiser-esque camper might be an enhancement to their overall traveling experience. Its pop-up roofing system promotes the flow of fresh air within the interior space, which can be a handy tool during the summer days when it can get suffocating due to excessive heat near the mountain regions.

Its lightweight and rugged body can be a perfect complement to an outdoor ecosystem surrounded by wildlife and extreme weather conditions. The 32-inch by 20-inch picture window provides a great wide angle view of the entire landscape, which makes your entire journey more beautiful and enjoyable.

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