On your fifth adventure across the country, you need to own a powerful truck that can haul it away to your desired destinations without any difficulty, so that you don’t feel any restriction reaching remote places with a giant bunker on your back. ​For beginner with no prior experience in the pickup truck industry, it can be quite challenging to choose a suitable option according to their current requirements. Because of the fact that you would be making sharp and sudden turns over steep roads, it is always better to go with long bed trucks that don t require any additional hitch to be installed behind them.

As you would be towing dozens of pounds to different terrain settings, you need to ensure that you can bring the bunker to an instant halt as soon as you hit the brake paddle of your truck. The truck should have electric braking system that has a synchronized connection with the camper, so that both the giant structures can be stopped with no shuttering. You can also increase the payload capability of your vehicle by purchasing tires with high ratings. Below you will some of the best trucks to tow a 5th wheel during adventure travels.

The 5 Best Trucks For Towing 5th Wheel in ​2020

#1 2019 GMC Canyon

With its uncompromising power, this truck offers the best trailering features that are specially designed for backpackers and adventurers. This mid-size pickup truck has a standard 200-horsepower and a four-cylinder diesel engine that can allow the travelers to choose a diverse range of trailers without facing any limitation.

It has a capability of towing up to 7700 lbs. that is far above the weight range of most of the latest models of bunkers in the market. It is also available with an integrated trailer brake controller that can make your drive swift throughout your journey. With its chrome cladding and bigger wheels, it has a nice aesthetic view. The power-adjustable driver’s seat is yet another tech-based feature that is designed to add comfort and stability during the ride. On bumpy and unpaved roads, you would not feel most of the shocks because of its ability of absorbing maximum vibrations from the ground.

#2 2019 Ford Ranger

The resurrected ranger is undoubtedly a high sought after heavy-duty truck among the travelers’ community, and it has truly risen from the ashes with high-tech features that match the market needs of the modern times. The manufacturers claim the truck to have 270 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque, which is substantially high from its other counterparts in the market.

The all-new Ranger has been tested under extreme conditions that make it withstand a versatile range of terrains without showing any signs of deterioration or damage. With its electronic braking system, both the rear wheel can instantly come to a halt to provide traction over steep and uneven surfaces. Its payload capability of about 1,860 lbs. is definitely the best in class, and you can easily haul your heavy-size bunker to steep and rough landscapes without any trouble. Despite the fact that it cannot be considered a top-dog in all of its features, it is holds a unique place in the market and has a steady demand among consumers.

#3 2019 Ford F-150

This formidable giant is known to make tough tasks look easy as its towing capability ranges from 5,000 lbs. to 13,200 lbs., which depends upon the customization settings of each individual vehicle owned by a specific driver. It is advised to switch to base rear-wheel drive to maximize its towing capacity when you hit the road over the weekend. Most hikers also install weight distribution hitches to this truck so that they can enhance its power of hauling a heavyweight bunker without any unstable movement.

Its 18″ heavy-duty wheels can provide smooth traction over rough terrain, and you can go hundreds of miles without having to pull off the vehicle on the highway to replace the spare tires. Its military-grade aluminum-alloy body is not only rigid enough to bear substantial amount of wear and tear effects, but it is also considerably light in weight that doesn’t create any dragging effects during the drive. In order to enhance your overall off-road trip, you might have to purchase a frame-mounted hitch receiver so that you don’t have to worry about putting new machines and accessories in your camper that might potentially increase the overall payload of the vehicle.

#4 2019 Ram 1500

The legendary towing capability and off-road performance of this giant truck is undoubtedly the best in the market, and it can deliver the value you are look for during your adventure rides in to the woods and around the mountains. It can drag a bunker that ranges anywhere from 6,250 pounds to 12,750 pounds, and you can maximize these pulling capabilities by making some minor customizations at the local mechanic shop.

The consumers can be enthralled with its modern amenities and tech-based features in the cabin. With its max payload of 834 kg, you can shoulder any burden and summon the courage to venture out in the wild without any fear. The V8 engine provides high fuel economy during long distance journeys, and at the same time it helps you navigate to different terrains with a bunker attached to your back.

#5 2019 Chevrolet Colorado

With its 4-cylinder 2.9L diesel engine, it is considered one of the best mid-size diesel-powered pickup trucks in the market. It comes with a 300-horsepower and a high-quality clutch that lets you make variations in your speed in a smooth manner. Its V6 gasoline engine counterpart doesn’t have similar towing capacity, and you might not get the similar superior off-roading experience with it. If you are looking for a heavy-duty ​tow vehicle, then it might not be the best option for you but it is a highly cheap vehicle that is currently available in the market.

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