Does My Car Insurance Cover My Travel Trailer

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While some companies may cover your travel trailer under your car insurance, others might not. It’s important to check with your company to see if it covers your trailer.

Some companies don’t offer any coverage for trailers at all.

Do you have to have insurance on a travel trailer in Florida?

Florida state law requires insurance on motorized RVs that you drive, as opposed to one that you tow. Drivable RVs need liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage just like an automobile. There are no insurance requirements for trailers that are towed behind your vehicle in Florida.[1]

Do you need insurance for a travel trailer in California?

Is RV Insurance Required in California? If your recreational vehicle is a non-motorized towable, like a travel trailer or a fifth wheel, you are not required to cover it with an RV insurance policy.[2]

Do I need travel trailer insurance in Ontario?

Insuring your travel trailer is not required by law in Ontario, but it is important. A travel trailer is a trailer that is towed by your vehicle or a camper that is transported on the bed of your truck. By definition, a travel trailer is an RV that is not motorized.[3]

Do you have to insure a trailer in Michigan?

Trailer insurance is not required by MI law, but if you want to protect yourself and your property from the added risks of driving with a trailer, it is a good idea to look at your Michigan trailer insurance options.[4]

How much is insurance for a camper trailer?

The average premium for a 12-month RV insurance policy at Progressive in 2020 was $502 for a travel trailer and $848 for a motorhome. Liability-only RV policies at Progressive start at just $125 per year.[5]

How much does it cost to insure a camper in Florida?

The natural average for RV insurance ranged between $502 and $848 per year or $41.83 to $70.67 per month.[6]

What kind of insurance do you need for a camper?

If you own your RV, you’re only required to carry standard liability insurance, as well as personal injury protection if you live in a no-fault state.[7]

Do trailers need insurance?

Unlike insuring a car, it’s not a legal requirement to insure a trailer or caravan. However, you should at least consider the extra level of cover, to protect it against damage or theft.[8]

How much does RV insurance cost in CA?

In California, the typical cost of insurance on an RV is around $800 a year. You can legally drive a motorhome in California with just the minimum bodily injury liability insurance and property damage liability insurance (15/30/5).[9]

Do travel trailers require full coverage?

A full, self-propelled RV, for instance, always needs insurance as a vehicle. A pop-up or fifth-wheel camper that is towed by an insured vehicle may not require its own policy. Even in states that require insurance on all campers, generally, only liability coverage is required.[10]

Do you need extra insurance to tow a trailer?

Car insurance and towing Car insurance is a legal requirement, but insurance for a towed unit isn’t mandatory. However, if you have an accident as a result of towing your caravan or trailer, it can be very costly if you’re not insured. To make sure you’re covered look in to getting your caravan insured separately.[11]

How much is insurance for RV trailer in Ontario?

Per month, your travel trailer insurance may cost between $25 and $40. This averages out to around between $300 and $500 annually.[12]

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