Does My Travel Trailer Need Inspection

With the increase in travel trailers being used for vacations and long term living, many states have begun requiring travel trailer inspections before they can be used on public roads. The inspection is typically done by a certified inspector who will make sure that your trailer meets the safety requirements in your state.

What trailers are exempt from inspection in Texas?

This includes trailers, semitrailers, boat trailers, pole trailers, mobile homes, and travel trailers. Note: Farm trailers displaying a farm license plate are not required to be inspected. If you are unsure about the gross vehicle weight of your trailer, check your registration receipt for the weight.[1]

What is inspected on a travel trailer in Texas?

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, trailers are inspected for brakes, tires, wheel assembly, safety guards or flaps (if there are four tires or more on the rear axle), two tail lights, two brake lights, one license plate lamp, rear red reflectors, turn signal lights, clearance lights, side marker …[2]

Do campers need inspection in Missouri?

Effective August 28, 2019, all homemade trailers, regardless of the length of the trailer, must be inspected by either the Sheriff in your county of residence, or by authorized personnel from the Missouri State Highway Patrol ($25 inspection fee).[3]

Do campers have to be inspected in Texas?

Motor Home & RV Motor homes and RVs with a gross weight over 4,500 pounds are required to have annual safety inspections. Motor homes in EMISSIONS counties are also required to have the appropriate emissions test performed.[4]

What size trailer does not need registration in Texas?

Title is optional if it is 34,000 pounds gross weight or less. Registration is optional if the farm trailer is 4,000 pounds gross weight or less. Farm trailers are exempt from inspection.[5]

Do you have to register your trailer every year in Texas?

For used trailers less than 4,000 pounds a bill of sale and a copy of the registration is required. Any trailers that exceed a gross weight of over 4,500 pounds are required to pass the State of Texas’ annual safety inspection.[6]

Is travel trailer insurance required in Texas?

What are Texas’ RV insurance requirements? If you have a motorhome in Texas, you need RV insurance with liability coverage that meets or exceeds the limits below (which are the same as Texas car insurance requirements): $30,000 in bodily injury per person. $60,000 in total bodily injury per accident.[7]

Does a trailer need insurance in Texas?

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles exempts non-motorized vehicles including trailers from mandatory liability insurance. However a trailer insurance policy can be quite important if you wish to protect your assets and finances.[8]

Do you need a bill of sale for a trailer in Texas?

Individuals must provide proof of ownership. New trailers must be registered using form VTR-141. Used trailers with a gross weight in excess of 4,000 pounds must have a certificate of title, and used trailers with a weight below or equal to 4,000 pounds must have a Bill of Sale plus the registration receipt.[9]

Does my trailer need a license plate in Missouri?

License Plates – The tow vehicle must display a valid license plate. License plates are not required on motor vehicles being towed. Tow Bars – Not required in Missouri, but recommended.[10]

Is Missouri doing away with vehicle inspections?

A new law taking effect on August 28 will change the state’s vehicle inspection rules. On Wednesday, Gov. Mike Parson signed Senate Bill 89 into law, a wide-ranging bill including a provision that will require inspections for vehicles more than 10 years old or with more than 150,000 miles.[11]

Who is exempt from emissions in MO?

EXEMPTIONS: Effective August 28, 2019, motor vehicles for the first ten years following the model year of manufacture and having less than 150,000 miles on the odometer are exempt from the safety inspection requirement.[12]

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