How Do I Keep My Travel Trailer From Being Stolen

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Not everyone has the luxury of storing their trailer in a garage or a parking space. If you have to store your trailer outside, here are some tips on how to keep it from being stolen:

– Park your trailer in a well-lit area.

– Keep your doors closed and locked at all times.

– Put up warning signs that say “No Trespassing” or “Beware of Dog” around the perimeter to discourage would-be thieves.

– Install an alarm system that will sound if anyone tries to break in.

– Put up surveillance cameras and make sure they’re recording 24/7.

How do you secure a trailer to avoid theft?

Get a Tongue Lock. A tongue lock attaches to the coupler of your trailer where it connects to your ball hitch. Get a Hitch Lock. A hitch lock keeps your hitch pin in place. Use a Chock Lock. Add an Alarm System. Add Unique Markings. Park Smartly. Hide GPS Tracking Devices.[1]

What is the best anti theft lock for travel trailers?

Best Overall: MasterLock Universal 389-DAT. Runner-Up: Reese Towpower Coupler Lock. Best Lock Design: MasterLock 377-DAT. Best Locking Hitch Pin: Curt 5/8-Inch Pin Trailer Hitch Lock. Best Heavy-Duty: Reese Towpower Heavy Duty.[2]

What do thieves do with stolen trailers?

Most thieves steal these items, because they are hard to trace and thieves can quickly and easily turn them into cash. Thieves can sell your trailer (or what was your trailer) in states that do not require a title at the time of sale, and they can sell your tools from the trailer at a pawn shop in another city.[3]

Do wheel boots prevent theft?

No, wheel locks can only prevent wheel theft. However, there are wheel lock clamps that can prevent your car from being stolen, but we’ll get to that later. Wheel lug nut locks, on the other hand, are redesigned lug nuts that have theft-deterrent sockets and require a special key to remove.[4]

Are locking hitch pins worth it?

Hitch pin locks provide extra security and protection from thieves, whether you’re towing a trailer or pulling your camper for a family road trip. When you’re not using your trailer or camper, you can use your hitch lock to protect a hitch-mounted cargo carrier when you need extra cargo.[5]

How can I make my travel trailer more secure?

Upgrade All The Locks on Your Camper. Tint Your Camper Windows. Solar-Powered Motion Lights. Trailer Hitch Coupler Lock. Trailer Hitch Latch Lock. Trailer Hitch Receiver Pin Lock. Camper/RV Insurance. GPS Tracker.[6]

How often do campers get stolen?

There are typically only between 1-10 RVs stolen every year. Over the last two years, there have been as many as 20 RV thefts each year.[7]

Can you anchor a travel trailer?

RV Anchoring Options and Tips Try using your RVs stabilizing jacks, wheel chocks, tire cradles, or even mobile home anchors. Some RVs have built-in stabilizing jacks that can be deployed in high-winds. If you don’t have that option, several RV anchoring options are available on Amazon and other eCommerce sites.[8]

How do I know if a trailer is not stolen?

NICB’s VINCheck is a free service provided to the public to assist in determining if a vehicle has been reported as stolen, but not recovered, or has been reported as a salvage vehicle by cooperating NICB member insurance companies. To perform a search, a vehicle identification number (VIN) is required.[9]

Is stealing an RV Grand Theft Auto?

Grand theft auto refers to stealing a vehicle, when the vehicle’s owner is not present, with the intent to permanently keep it. It is a serious auto crime, which entails driving a motor vehicle in a reckless and dangerous manner, or using the vehicle to commit another crime such as a robbery.[10]

Where is the VIN located on a trailer?

Trailer VINs are usually located on a plate at the front of the trailer either on the outboard or inboard side of the frame. If you searched every inch of the frame and cannot find the VIN there or anywhere else on the trailer then you will likely need to have the state police inspect and assign a VIN to the trailer.[11]

What is a coupling lock?

For that, you’d want a coupler lock. These U-shaped locks fit over the coupler on the trailer’s tongue and prevents someone else from hooking up his vehicle to your trailer. Many have ball-shaped tops to go where the ball unit on your vehicle would normally go into the coupler.[12]

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