How Do I Register My Travel Trailer In Arizona

Arizona state laws require that any person who is not a resident of Arizona, but who owns a trailer in this state and intends to use it for travel in this state, must register the trailer with the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) before operating it on Arizona highways.

In order to register your trailer with MVD, you will need to provide a copy of your title or registration and proof of insurance. You may also need to provide a current safety inspection certificate if you are registering for a second time. You can also use our online service center.

How much does it cost to register a travel trailer in Arizona?

Trailers with a declared GVW of more than 10,000 lbs (one-time $800 registration fee). If previously registered in another state and the model year of the trailer is less than six years old (fee is reduced to $500), if at least six years old (fee is reduced to $195).[1]

How do I register an out of state RV in Arizona?

Out-of-State Vehicle Title and Registration A completed, signed Title and Registration Application (link is external) An emission compliance form (link is external) (Phoenix and Tucson areas only) An out-of-state title (or registration, if title is held by lienholder) A lien clearance, if applicable.[2]

Do I have to register my RV in Arizona?

Arizona. You must register your RV within 15 days of purchase in Arizona. You’re responsible for handling the registration whether you buy from a dealer or a private sale.[3]

How do I transfer a trailer title in Arizona?

To process a title transfer from one owner to another, the buyer must present ID, must have the previous owner’s title correctly endorsed and/or notarized on the back, and if a lien was recorded on the title, a lien clearance or release will be needed.[4]

Is there sales tax on an RV in Arizona?

The state use tax rate is 5.6%. There is no county use tax in Arizona.[5]

How much is title and registration in AZ?

Arizona Tax, Title and License Fees Title Fee: $4. Plate Transfer Fee: $12. Registration Fee: $8.[6]

Does Arizona collect sales tax on out of state car purchases?

For nonresidents from all other states with a higher state tax rate than Arizona’s 5.6 percent TPT rate and allow credit against their state excise taxes for the state tax paid in Arizona, the state TPT and all local taxes apply to the sale if the nonresident takes delivery of the vehicle in Arizona.[7]

What is proof of residency in Arizona?

Valid Arizona driver’s license, Arizona identification card, or motor vehicle registration. Real estate deed or mortgage documents. Property tax bill (most recent) Valid Residential lease or rental agreement (signed by both landlord & tenant)[8]

Can a non resident register a vehicle in Arizona?

The nonresident shall obtain the special ninety day nonresident registration permit by applying to the department, to an authorized third party or to a motor vehicle dealer as defined in section 28-4301 and by paying the fees prescribed by section 28-2003.[9]

Can I register a vehicle online in Arizona?

Renewing online is the fastest, most convenient and secure way to renew your vehicle registration. Note: You do not need a renewal notice to renew your registration online. Some registrations are due on the last day of the month, others are due on the 15th of the month.[10]

Do I need emissions test AZ?

A: All residents of the greater Phoenix and Tucson areas and those who regularly commute into the areas for work or school are required to have their 1967 or newer vehicles pass an emissions test. Most vehicles newer than 6 years old are exempt from testing, and certain other vehicle exemptions apply (see Exemptions).[11]

Do trailers have VIN numbers?

VIN, Chassis Numbers and TR Numbers Every trailer and caravan is issued with a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) at the time of manufacture. Caravans are also issued with a chassis number. The VIN is the primary source of ID for the trailer or caravan and is always 17 characters long.[12]

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