How Do I Register My Travel Trailer In Texas

Registering your travel trailer in Texas is a straightforward process. You will need to purchase a registration sticker and license plate before you can register your vehicle.

The registration sticker is the most important part of the process, as it provides identification for your vehicle.

It will be placed on the inside of your windshield and must be visible from outside.

The license plate will be placed on the outside of your trailer, and it should have an expiration date that matches the expiration date of your registration sticker.

How much does it cost to register a camper trailer in Texas?

It costs $45 to register trailer or travel trailer up to 6,000 pounds. See our trailer titling section to find whether you need or can title your trailer. In some instances, you can register the trailer without titling it. Registration renewal is online at[1]

Do I have to register my travel trailer in Texas?

Registration is required for all non-farm trailers operating on public highways. Registration and titling requirements vary according to trailer type and weight.[2]

Do travel trailers need inspection in Texas?

All travel trailers over 7,500 pounds require an inspection in Texas. So if you have a travel trailer over the weight threshold, you will need to have it properly inspected to receive a passed inspection sticker from the State of Texas.[3]

Do you need a bill of sale to register trailer in Texas?

Individuals must provide proof of ownership. New trailers must be registered using form VTR-141. Used trailers with a gross weight in excess of 4,000 pounds must have a certificate of title, and used trailers with a weight below or equal to 4,000 pounds must have a Bill of Sale plus the registration receipt.[4]

What is the sales tax on a travel trailer in Texas?

Sales: 6.25 percent of sales price, minus any trade-in allowance. The taxable value of private-party purchases of used motor vehicles may be based on the standard presumptive value.[5]

What size trailer does not need registration in Texas?

On used trailers, with a gross weight over 4,000 pounds, all that is needed is the title. For used trailers less than 4,000 pounds a bill of sale and a copy of the registration is required. Any trailers that exceed a gross weight of over 4,500 pounds are required to pass the State of Texas’ annual safety inspection.[6]

What trailers are exempt from inspection in Texas?

If your trailer has a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) that is more than 7,500 pounds, an inspection is required. This includes trailers, semitrailers, boat trailers, pole trailers, mobile homes, and travel trailers. Note: Farm trailers displaying a farm license plate are not required to be inspected.[7]

Do trailers need insurance in Texas?

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles exempts non-motorized vehicles including trailers from mandatory liability insurance. However a trailer insurance policy can be quite important if you wish to protect your assets and finances.[8]

How do you calculate tax title and license on a RV in Texas?

Sales Tax: 6.25% of the total vehicle purchase price. Title Transfer Fee: $28 to $33 (varies by county). Tag / License Fee: $51.75 base fee, $10 local fee.[9]

What do you need to register a trailer in Texas?

Evidence of ownership – Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin, title, bill of sale, or out-of-state registration receipt. Completed Application for Texas Title and/or Registration (Form 130-U).[10]

How do I renew my RV registration in Texas?

In Person. To register your vehicle in person, take your registration renewal notice and proof of current liability insurance to your county tax office or an approved substation. If you do not have a renewal notice, you can renew your registration using one of the following: License Plate Number.[11]

Do trailers have VIN numbers?

VIN, Chassis Numbers and TR Numbers Every trailer and caravan is issued with a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) at the time of manufacture. Caravans are also issued with a chassis number. The VIN is the primary source of ID for the trailer or caravan and is always 17 characters long.[12]

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