How Much Are JayCo Camper Trailers

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The price of Jayco camper trailers varies depending on the size, model and features. A typical Jayco camper trailer is priced between $3,000 and $5,000.

Jayco is a company that manufactures RVs and campers. They started in the early 1950s when they sold their first trailer and have been in business ever since.

How much is a 2022 Jayco Eagle?

Starting at $82,685. After more than 30 years of success, the Eagle brand has become known for inventive features and floorplan layouts. The 2022 Eagle Fifth Wheel is no different, with fresh interior design, larger windows and an expanded freshwater tank.[1]

How much is a 2021 Jayco Eagle?

Starting at $59,678. It’s hard to find a trailer brand with a more storied history. Eagle luxury travel trailers are thoughtfully designed and uniquely constructed with completely refreshed exteriors for 2021.[2]

What is the smallest Jayco camper?

At just 13 feet in length and a touch over 7 feet tall, the Jayco Hummingbird 10RK is the smallest in the company’s line of ultralightweight travel trailers.[3]

What is the smallest Jayco Eagle travel trailer?

The smallest Jayco fifth wheel is the Eagle HT fifth wheel. This fifth wheel is between 7,460 pounds and 10,110 pounds.[4]

Who makes the Eagle camper?

2020 Jayco EAGLE 330RSTS One of the largest and most luxurious travel trailers made, this Jayco Eagle travel trailer is truly a modern home on wheels, with trendy colors and f…[5]

Are Jayco campers any good?

The build quality of Jayco RVs has always been admired by a variety of customers and consumers. Many reviews mention that Jayco RVs feel solid in their construction as well as reliable depending on the season and how old the RV is.[6]

How much is a Jayco Jay Feather Micro?

Starting at $20,663. Towable by most mid-size tow vehicles, the Jay Feather Micro is the lightest travel trailer from Jayco.[7]

What company owns Jayco?

Jayco, Inc.[8]

How much is the Jayco hummingbird?

Starting at $13,503. Hit the road in a flash with the comfy, lightweight 2020 Hummingbird travel trailer, built using Jayco’s legendary construction methods.[9]

How much is a Jayco Eagle HT 24re?

Starting at $60,825. The Eagle Half-Ton Fifth Wheel is built for comfortable towing behind today’s popular half-ton trucks, with a shorter profile and lighter construction than the Eagle Fifth Wheel. The HT’s interior has been reimagined and upgraded throughout, from the backsplashes to the shower door.[10]

How much does an Eagle Cap 1200 cost?

The 2022 Eagle Cap 1200 is a hard side, triple-slide, dry bath truck camper with a side entry with an MSRP of $53,060.[11]

What is the weight of a Jayco Eagle?

The average weight of an unladen Jayco Eagle travel trailer is 8,574 lbs. The lightest model is 7,090 lbs. and the heaviest is 10,441. Once fuel, water, and other cargo are added though, the weights can be much higher than this.[12]

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