How Much Is A Scamp Travel Trailer

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A Scamp travel trailer is a small, lightweight, and easy to tow trailer. These trailers are designed to be used for short-term camping trips. They are typically sold in the United States and Canada.

The price of a Scamp travel trailer can range from $2,000 to $6,000, depending on the size and features that you want.

How much is a 19 ft scamp?

A 19′ trailer starts around $23,000 for the base model, but the deluxe model with a bathroom-separated queen-sized loft bed and many other add-ons can cost as much as $30,000.[1]

Is scamp a good trailer?

Scamp campers are also durable and well-built. Some campers built in the 1970s are still on the road today. They retain their resale value because of their quality. If you have a Scamp camper, it might just outlast you![2]

How many can sleep in a Scamp trailer?

Thanks to a wise use of available space, this tiny travel trailer can sleep as many as four people. The unit is outfitted with fiberglass cabinets, an upholstered sofa that transitions to a set of bunk beds, and a dining area that can easily be changed to a double bed.[3]

Do Scamp campers have toilets?

Take a look at the Scamp 16 ft camper featuring more counter and storage space, easy set up with toilet and shower options.[4]

Are Scamp trailers insulated?

Scamp campers have six different floor plans. Two are 13′, two are 16′, and Scamp’s two fifth-wheel models are 19′ long. All Scamp campers feature robust, insulated fiberglass shells and are made-to-order in Backus, Minnesota.[5]

Can a scamp trailer fit in a garage?

A fantastic trait of small travel trailers is that you can sometimes fit them your garage! One reason this is a great thing is because trailer storage fees are one of the biggest ongoing expenses of owning an RV and one that stops many from considering buying one.[6]

How much does a new Scamp 13 cost?

A Scamp trailer typically costs between $15,000 and $30,000 depending on the model and options you choose. On average, the 13′ model costs around $15,000, the 16′ model costs around $20,000, and the 19′ model costs around $23,000 and up.[7]

What sizes do Scamp Trailers come in?

Scamp RVs are tiny travel trailers that come in three lengths. 13 foot, 16 foot, and 19 foot. All models are made out of a 2-part fiberglass mold and have a rounded exterior. They are lightweight, aerodynamic single-axle trailers that are almost indestructible.[8]

How heavy is a Scamp camper?

You can expect an average scamp trailer weight to be about 2,050 pounds (930 kg). When looking at the specs for different scamp trailers, the weight will also be listed as dry or wet weight.[9]

How tall is the inside of a Scamp trailer?

Overall length 16′; Interior length 13′; Overall height 7’10”; Interior height 6’3”. Note: The interior height is our biggest complaint about the Scamp—the ceiling is a little low for people who are 5’10 or taller.[10]

How much does a 13 Scamp trailer weigh?

So, pretty much the “factory” Scamp except for the propane in the tanks. Trailer weight was 1,830 pounds.[11]

Do scamps have brakes?

Brake Systems: All brakes installed on Scamp trailers are electric brake systems, requiring a brake control and 12 volt power from the tow vehicle. 13 foot trailers use a Dexter 7 inch brake. 16 foot trailers and fifth wheels use a Dexter 10 inch brake.[12]

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