How To Find Travel Trailer Model Number

It is very difficult to find the model number of a travel trailer. The best way to find it is by looking at the trailer’s serial number.

The serial number can be found on the side of the trailer, on a sticker or on a plate. It will have a combination of letters and numbers. For example, if it starts with “A123456” then you know that it is an A frame travel trailer and has 6 wheels.

Where is the serial number located on a trailer?

Your VIN tag is located on the driver’s side frame rail. It is located to the rear of the landing leg. If your VIN tag is missing, you can locate your four-digit serial number. Your serial number is welded to the front face of the trailer crossmember.[1]

What do the numbers mean on a travel trailer?

Most of the time the numbers indicate the length of the RV. The number does not include the hitch or tow vehicle so you may need to look those details up on the manufacturer website. Knowing the length will help you determine where you camp as some campgrounds have restrictions on length.[2]

How many digits is a trailer serial number?

Just like a vehicle VIN number, a trailer VIN is a unique identifier of the trailer. The NHTSA requires all trailers destined for traveling on the road to be assigned a 17-digit VIN.[3]

How do you read a VIN on a trailer?

Manufacturer Code – this can also be known as the world manufacturer index and shows where the trailer was built. Model Number – this is the trailer’s model series including the engine and body type if applicable. Length – the length of the trailer in the foot.[4]

How do I find my Jayco model number?

Jayco always put their 17 digit VIN numbers on the lower side of the driver’s door side. You can also find your VIN details from any sales paperwork from the dealership.[5]

What are the abbreviations for travel trailers?

RV: RV is an abbreviation for Recreational Vehicle and refers to travel trailers, fifth wheels or motorhomes that has living accommodations.[6]

How do you tell what year my camper is?

Most RVs will have two VIN numbers, one for the chassis and one for the finished RV unit. The most common place to find the VIN is through the windshield on the driver’s side, just like in a regular vehicle. The most important digit is that tenth digit, which is always the model year.[7]

Do travel trailers have VIN numbers?

For towable recreational vehicles, travel trailers and fifth wheels, you will find the VIN number metal plate or on the Federal certification label. The label is typically on the left front corner (lower roadside) of the RV somewhere near the bottom of the sidewall.[8]

What does the 11th digit in a VIN number mean?

The rest of the characters in your VIN are part of the “Vehicle Identifier Section”. The 10th character refers to the model year of your vehicle. The 11th character refers to the manufacturing plant that made the vehicle. Characters 12 through 17 include the vehicle’s production number.[9]

How do you tell the year of a trailer by the VIN?

The 10th character in the 17-character VIN represents the vehicle model-year.[10]

How do I check a VIN number?

On most passenger cars, you may find the VIN number on the front of the dashboard on the driver’s side. The best way to see it is to look through the windshield from outside the car. You may also find the VIN number on the driver’s side door pillar.[11]

How do I find the value of my RV by VIN number?

RVchecks Reports If you have a vehicle identification number (VIN) for a specific RV that you want to learn more about, you can order an RV History Report from A single detailed report with 30 days of access costs just under $25.[12]

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