How To Get Wifi In A Travel Trailer Full Time

In the past, people had to rely on cellular data when they were in a place with no wifi. However, with the advent of portable wifi hotspots and wifi trailers, people can now get internet access anywhere they go.

The easiest way to get WiFi in your travel trailer is by using a portable hotspot like the MiFi from Verizon or an RV router. Other options are using a satellite-based system like HughesNet or through your phone’s data plan.

This article will show you how to set up these different options and how to use them effectively in your travel trailer.

How do I get WiFi in my travel trailer?

There are three main options for RV WiFi while you’re living on the road: using your phone as a hotspot, adding a hotspot router to your existing mobile plan, or satellite internet.[1]

How do I get unlimited WiFi in my RV?

The best internet for RVs is portable 4G internet, like Nomad or Ubifi. It gives you the fastest and most reliable connection, with many options for unlimited data. There are also less expensive options for those who don’t use their RVs as often.[2]

Can you get internet in a travel trailer?

Outside of a few small RV parks, cable internet is available via a wireless router. To connect to it you will need some type of wireless modem. This usually comes in the form of a laptop. In fact, most quality laptops on the retail level come with a wireless modem in part of their “Standard Package.”[3]

Can you get WiFi hooked up in a camper?

Most RV wifi boosters come with an antenna that you can install on the roof of your RV. The RV wifi antenna releases a signal that bounces off other cell phone towers to bring your service closer to home. You can buy WiFi boosters for as low as $50 but the best RV wifi booster can cost up to $500 (and more).[4]

How do full time RVers get internet?

Getting cellular internet (with a mobile hotspot or a 4G LTE home internet plan) is the best way to get high-speed internet in your RV most of the time. Once you wander away from cellular coverage areas, though, a satellite internet plan or a satellite hotspot will be the only way to connect.[5]

How can I get WiFi everywhere I go?

Open your Settings. Tap on Wireless & networks. Select Tethering & portable hotspot. Tap on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Set up a strong password and slide the bar to turn it on.[6]

How much does it cost to put WiFi in a camper?

Like mentioned above you can get this type of WiFi from a lot of different methods. Typically the average cost for these is about $150-$500 US dollars. One example is the Verizon Jetpack MiFi 8800L. The cost for this device is about $100-$200 US dollars depending on the type of contract that you get with it.[7]

Can you use Verizon home internet in an RV?

Is Verizon a Good RV Internet Option? Although it may be the most expensive option, Verizon is rated as the top cell phone provider. Verizon has the best network speeds, which is vitally important for RVers working on the road.[8]

How do I get wired internet in my RV?

On the road, you can use a Cellular 4G LTE or 5G modem with regular Ethernet port. Then, a regular Ethernet port or the Wi-Fi signal, from the Cellular router, can be used to wire an Ethernet device. If you select the router carefully, it can be operated directly from a 12 volts source.[9]

What does internet cost with an RV?

Depending on the solution, RV internet cost vary greatly. Using public Wi-Fi is free, but unreliable. Mobile hotspot plans typically costs between $50 and $100 per month. Starlink portable internet costs $135 per month plus fees for equipment.[10]

How much does satellite internet cost for an RV?

Immediately access high-speed, low-latency internet on an as-needed basis at any destination where Starlink provides active coverage. $135/mo with a one-time hardware cost of $599.[11]

Is RV WiFi any good?

The RV Wi-Fi is designed to get you better reception – faster and stronger. It creates a hot spot around your base unit that allows you to use multiple devices at the one time. It will work while you’re on the move and you can use your own data provider.[12]

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