How To Repair Travel Trailer Slide Out

The slide-outs on a travel trailer are designed to provide additional living space, but they can be problematic. If you have a leak in the slide-out, it is likely that the water will make its way into the slide-out area and leak out onto the floor.

One way to fix this problem is to seal up any leaks by caulking around them with silicone caulk and then painting over it. Another option is to replace the seals or gaskets that may have been damaged when you first noticed the leak.

How much does it cost to fix a slide out on a camper?

Costs Associated with RV Slide Out Repairs As size increases, typically, so does the cost of repair. Unless the repair is super simple (like replacing a blown fuse), you can expect an entry point of around $500 on upwards of $1500 to $2000 per slide out.[1]

What causes a slide out to stop working?

It is possible there may be something wrong with the electrical supply, such as a blown fuse, bad wiring, or a weak battery. You’ll need to make sure you have enough power available for the slide out to function correctly. The slide out could also be misaligned or could be blocked by something in the way.[2]

What to do if camper slide out not working?

Double check your manual. Check your power supply. Check your fuses and breakers. Check your slide out motor. Check your hydraulic pump and system(if applicable). Jammed slide. Gravity or weight.[3]

Can you manually push in a slide out?

Imagine getting stuck at an RV park because your slide outs won’t come in the way they’re supposed to come in. Yes. You can manually push in the RV slide out. You need to find the slide out motor by looking at the owner’s manual to find its location.[4]

Will slides on a camper open with the 12 volt battery?

Battery Powered RV Slideouts Answer: You posed an interesting question so I did some investigation and have confirmed what I thought: that RV slide-out rooms are powered by a 12-Volt electrical motor. This is true whether the slide-out is electric or hydraulic.[5]

Why do camper slide outs leak?

Inspect the Seals The seals are particularly vulnerable to age, damage from the sun, and debris getting inside them. The more a slide-out is utilized, the greater the chances of wear and tear on the rubber seals and the silicon material. It’s the most common RV slide out leak repair problem.[6]

Do all slide outs leak?

All slide rooms leak. Often, owners cannot see where this is happening, so the damage caused by leaks can be extensive. It can even get into the steel supports and rust them.[7]

What is a camper slide out floor made of?

2. What are they made from? We manufacture several different panels using substrates and surface coatings designed by each RV manufacturer. These include raw oriented strand board, raw plywood, MDO overlays, and plastic and vinyl overlays.[8]

Can RV slide be manually retract?

If for some reason the crank handle isn’t available or was lost, you can improvise with a box wrench or a socket and ratchet. Step 9:Turn the crank extension by hand to manually extend or retract the RV’s slide-out.[9]

How do I manually open my slide out on my camper?

Attach the crank handle to the crank extension. The crank handle comes with the trailer. If the crank handle is not available, use a wrench or socket and ratchet to turn the crank extension by hand to extend or retract the slide-out.[10]

Can you drive an RV with the slide out?

Under no circumstances should you drive your RV with your slide out extended, doing so can be dangerous for you and others on the road. You should only extend your RV slide out when you’re ready to camp, which is when you can open the slide to extend your RV’s interior space.[11]

How long do RV slides last?

To some degree, the failure rate of RV slide-outs is a matter of how often they are cycled in and out. Generally, by the time they are 10 years old, they have started to become a maintenance issue.[12]

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