If you are the sort of person that likes to be on the move rather than staying in one place, owning an RV might be something that you would want to look into. RVs are great for being mobile whilst also having some of the comforts of home at your disposal. That said, you are definitely going to need a few RV storage ideas that would help with space saving. Focusing on RV organization can help you make up for the lack of storage space that can be a real issue for people that are living in a mobile home of this nature.

Space saving is something that you should prioritize while living in an RV, but for that you would need a few storage ideas to start off with. We have provided a list of excellent RV storage ideas that you should definitely check out. These storage ideas can help you optimize space in your RV, and are some of the best RV hacks that you would be able to find. However, before we get into actual storage ideas, we want to draw attention to RV organization since this can help you save space before implementing any of the storage solutions that would be mentioned later on.

RV Organization & Space Saving Tips

In this section we will help you to make it so that the space in your RV can be utilized in such a way that you would have a lot more room to work with. Organization hacks are the right way to go if you don’t want to put too much effort into implementing RV storage ideas. Here’s how you can organize your RV and make the small space you live in seem far roomier and more comfortable.

#1 Make a List of Your Belongings

Listing down all of your belongings before implementing any RV storage ideas can help you ascertain whether or not the initial RV storage capacity would be adequate for what you would be taking along with you. Once you know everything that you own, RV organization will become a breeze. This is one of the best RV hacks because it is simple and does not require any extraordinary effort. These organization ideas can also help you figure out which of your belongings are unnecessary in such a small space. What’s more is that it will enable you to get a better understanding of how you can set your living space up which is one of those organization hacks that you simply can’t go without.

#2 Be Minimalist

It can be quite tempting to fill your RV up with personal affects, but the space in your RV is limited and you would want to be able to move around a little in this small space. Cooking in an RV kitchen can be difficult enough without having a mountain of clutter to deal with. Having less items can make RV organization a real breeze, and will make it so that you can place less of an emphasis on space saving and focus on enjoying yourself.

#3 Declutter Your Kitchen

Your RV kitchen is going to be one of the most difficult spaces for you to organize. If you want to organize your RV, you definitely need to focus on this area by using a variety of techniques. Firstly, try to limit the items you have to what you need immediately. Buy food and cook it right away, storing as little as possible. Food is not the only thing that you should try to be conseRVative with when you are out shopping. Your RV kitchen would require a wide range of appliances as well, and a big part of RV organization involves limiting the appliances and other items you have as well as purchasing items that have been specifically designed to save as much space as possible.

While you might be quite tempted to have full sized coffee maker and the like, buying miniature versions would get the job done and save you quite a bit of space in the process as well. Collapsible versions of items such as teapots are also readily available, and they can be quite handy for your afternoon or evening tea breaks without taking up too much space in your RV.

Another area of your kitchen that is undoubtedly going to be extremely important would be your cookware as well as utensils. We highly recommend buying nesting cookware which would include a series of dishes and the like that would fit into one another. You can take out the item that you need and nest the rest within one another, making for easy storage in a cabinet or on a shelf. Dishes can also be placed sideways on a cradle which would help save space whilst also giving you easy access to them. After all, it can be quite inconvenient to slide a plate out from under a dozen other plates that you have placed on top of it.

#4 Prioritize Collapsible Items

We have already discussed a collapsing teapot, but there are a lot of other collapsible items you can get as well that would help you to maximize your RV storage. Everything from trashcans to buckets to dish racks are readily available in collapsible varieties. Getting such items can help you save counter space as well as living space while having useful necessities on hand for you to use if the need ever arises.

#5 Store Clothes Efficiently

Clothes are a necessary part of life, and one of the best ways to organize your RV would be to store your clothes in such a way that they would take up minimal space. Rolling up your clothes can be great because it uses up far less space than square folding and it can help your clothes remain tightly packed as well so that you don’t have to worry about them getting messed up while you’re driving.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you should only use hangers as a last resort. While wall space is convenient, it is limited. Only hang those clothes that can’t be rolled up without ruining them. If you do use hangers, load them up to maximum capacity. Hanging up a single article of clothing on a hanger is inefficient. You can easily hang multiple clothes on a single hanger and then hang these clothes on one of your command hooks, leaving the rest free for anything else you might need to hang up.

What you will eventually be left with are sheets and pillows. These items can’t be rolled or folded as efficiently as clothes, so using a sealable plastic bag with a vacuum pump can help you store them in a reasonably efficient way. Having extra sheets is necessary for clean living, and vacuum sealing sheets and pillows can help you maintain a reasonably high quality of life without compromising on any of your precious storage space.

#6 Get Creative With Repurposing

Items that are marketed for a specific purpose can often be used for a lot of other things as well. RV organization often involves thinking outside the box, and repurposing various items is a big part of this. Shoe racks for example, especially ones that you can hang up, are particularly useful because you can use the various compartments to store all kinds of things, not just shoes. If you want to get a hanging shoe rack try to get one that’s not all that rigid but rather is made from some kind of flexible material that you can compress a little bit in order to get an extra bit of space.

Items that you purchase on a day to day basis can be repurposed as well. Gallon milk bottles are a good example. Once you are done with the milk you can cut the top off of the bottle and use them to store things like plastic bags which can be immensely useful since plastic bags are necessary but if you don’t store them properly they can end up making a real mess.

#7 Keep Your Tools in Order

RV organization is not just about cleaning up clutter in advance, it also involves being prepared for every situation. Having tools on hand can help with that. All of the extra storage space you are creating with the RV storage ideas that are provided below require a bit of DIY know how, and these shelves and makeshift solutions can often get damaged. This can cause space in your RV to become severely limited, so you need tools on hand that can allow you to fix the broken storage solutions immediately.

Using some of the RV storage ideas we have provided above can help you store your tools properly too. Hanging shoe racks, hammocks and velcro strips are all great ways to keep your tools handy without having them lying around and preventing you from moving freely.

#8 Don’t Forget Your Towing Vehicle

People focus so much on maximizing RV storage that they often forget that there is a whole other storage space that can be taken advantage of: your towing vehicle. If you’re using a travel trailer you would likely have a vehicle up front that you are towing it with, and storing some stuff in that vehicle can be a great way to get extra storage. Try to only store items that you won’t need anytime soon in the towing vehicle, things like extra sheets, pillows and clothes. This is one of those organization ideas that you might never even think of because you are too fixated on the RV or travel trailer itself for it to come to mind.

#9 Implement Storage Solutions Smartly

It is very important that you come up with a plan before implementing RV storage ideas. Badly implemented storage ideas can make camper organization even more difficult, and this usually happens if you try them out without any kind of foresight. Try to make a list of all of the organization ideas you are planning on implementing and see if any of them might clash with each other.

For example, if you are putting up hooks and a spice rack in your kitchen, make sure that they are not going to get in each other’s way. You wouldn’t want your rack preventing access to the hooks. This is just one example of the many ways in which RV organization requires a long term approach. Implement all of your organization ideas at once rather than doing so as and when needed, as you might find that previously implemented RV storage solutions are getting in the way of other solutions that are needed more urgently but that you didn’t think of until the need for them arose.

Another aspect of this is to figure out where you want to place certain items. Using the wall is a common aspect of RV organization, but if you really want to maximize RV storage then you should consider using your ceiling as well. This might not look all that great but it can be quite handy, and if you are running out of RV storage ideas then thinking of how you can use your ceiling might be able to help you in a pinch.

How to Add Storage Space to Your RV

Now that you have a bunch of organization ideas to help you get RV organization down pat, it’s time to start thinking about some actual RV storage ideas that would help you get some extra storage you can use. Camper organization is essential but it is only the first step when it comes to space saving. The best RV hacks aren’t limited to organization hacks after all, what you truly need is a few techniques that would help you create even more space where there was none previously. Limiting your belongings and reducing how much space they take up can only get you so far, so here are some RV storage solutions that will double the amount of space you would have in your living area.

#1 Use Storage Containers

A great way to get some extra storage space is to use containers. This is one of those storage solutions that seem intuitive but require active implementation on your part. Placing items that you don’t immediately need in these RV storage containers can help clear up a lot of clutter. Things like toilet paper and other items you’re stocking up on will help your small space go a long way. It will also free up counter space and help you organize your RV in such a way that you would have everything you need but wouldn’t be tripping over anything either.

#2 Add Some Shelves

One of the best organization hacks you can use to take advantage of your RV storage is to utilize your wall space. The key here is to get things off of countertops and floors, and by adding shelves you would have a place to put items that you need to use regularly without them getting in your way. This will also help you save on cabinet space and give you some extra storage at a time where it would be sorely needed.

Another way to use wall space would be to add hammocks to them. This is a key element of RV organization because it can help you pile in vegetables and grains in wire baskets or sacks where they wouldn’t roll or fall off but would instead be secure in their position. Such organization hacks can also help you to save space in your kitchen cabinets. Perhaps the most pertinent benefit of such a hack is that it doesn’t require any heavy duty construction but can instead be done with some simple tools and other items that you can get at any hardware store and install yourself.

#3 Make Use of Hooks

We are focusing on wall space a lot here, but that’s only because many RV owners don’t take advantage of this storage space nearly as much as they should. Using command hooks can help make your RV storage seem far more spacious. While living or traveling in an RV, one problem that you are going to face would have to do with storing clothes. Command hooks can help with space saving by allowing you to just hang clothes up on your wall rather than having to use any of the other spaces that would be better suited to other kinds of items.

Another great way to use hooks would be to fix your devices onto them. If you have an iPad or something similar, you can set it up on a wall or the ceiling using hooks and operate them from afar. This would allow you to get a great entertainment experience without having to waste counter space on a device if you are trying to watch a show. Keeping simple day to day requirements like this in mind can help make RV organization practical and can prevent you having to rework your organization ideas every time you come across a functional problem that prevents you from living comfortably.

Hooks are also immensely useful in the kitchen. Kitchen utensils that you would use for cooking usually have a hole in the handle that is specifically meant to allow you to hang these items up. Putting up a few hooks in the kitchen can make it so that you can hang your utensils up so that you can use them, wash them and then put them back.

A final use for hooks could be as a simple quick drop zone. There are some things that you would just want to put somewhere quickly, items such as keys and the like. Putting things like this on countertops or other flat surfaces can reduce RV storage space, so putting up a few hooks can be handy. RV storage ideas often need to take into account common sense everyday usage, and this is one example of how you can implement them in such a manner.

This is one of those organization ideas that can seem a little too permanent, though. If you want hooks that you can move around easily based on your needs, suction cup hooks can work great. They can help improve RV organization whilst being relatively versatile in that you can move them around so that they are in areas where they are needed the most.

#4 Make Use of Velcro, Elastic & Suction Cups

Using your wall for RV storage is all well and good, but there are a lot of other vertical surfaces that can be utilized. Velcro is quite cheap and tacking it onto smaller vertical spaces in your RV such as the sides of chairs and the like is one of the best organization ideas for smaller items such as remote controls or cellphones. Other items such as stationery can also be stored using velcro, allowing them to be within reach if you ever need them.

Elastic strips are RV storage solutions that can be used similarly to velcro. Taping or gluing strips of elastic to your wall can provide you with convenient RV storage in which you can secure some pretty essential items, with medicine and other first aid supplies coming to mind among others.

#5 Use Caddies For Your Bed

Something as simple as a bedside table can often be taken for granted. It is a necessary part of life since you would have a number of items that you would want handy when you are about to go to bed. Things like a book that you’re reading, a mask to help you sleep better and earplugs to block out noise are just some of the items that are necessary to help you feel comfortable in your living space.

The only problem is that a bedside table is heavy and bulky, and can take up far too much space in your RV. They provide some extra storage, but their low portability as well as the amount of storage space they would take up makes them a poor way to save space. Not all organization ideas would be suitable for use in an RV with such limited room after all. You do need some solution for your bedside needs, though, so why not try setting up a few caddies next to your bed?

Caddies can be put up right on your bed and can be perfect for this sort of thing. They are lightweight and accessible, offering you just as much storage space as a bedside table without taking up nearly as much room. Good quality caddies are great storage ideas because they also often have special features such as tissue dispensers which can help prevent random boxes of tissues lying around and taking up valuable space that you might want to use for other things.

#6 Shower Organizers With Pockets

Your RV bathroom is probably a very small space, so much so that you wouldn’t have any space to put your toiletries. You could always install a shelf but that’s one of the less efficient RV storage ideas that you can use here. Shower organizers can work much better, especially if they have pockets. You can place your shampoo, soap, toothbrush and other toiletries in the pockets whilst using a minimal amount of space. This is one of the cheapest organization hacks you can hope for since shower organizers don’t cost much and don’t need any extra accessories either. You can even put toilet paper in one pocket of your organizer, allowing you to take out any rollers that would make your bathroom too cramped.

#7 Hanging Jars

This is a great way to increase your RV kitchen storage. Since countertops need to be clear to help you prep for cooking, hanging jars can be utilized so that you can simply unscrew the jar that has what you need and then screw it back when you are done. This won’t just help you save space, it can also provide a unique aesthetic boost to your RV as well! You want to make your vehicle livable after all, and looks matter because they can impact how comfortable you feel in any particular environment.

#8 Spice Racks

A lot of the best RV hacks revolve around RV kitchen storage, and there is a very good reason for this. Your kitchen is one of the areas of your vehicle that would require the most items, and ironically it is also the area that would likely be the most cramped. You can put a lot of stuff in your kitchen cabinet but there is a limit to how much space you would have here, so figuring out some storage ideas for space saving is absolutely essential.

Installing a spice rack is perhaps the most efficient RV storage ideas that you could possibly implement. A spice rack would utilize your wall space and have all of your spices ready for you to use whenever you need them. This would also help you organize your RV in such a way that you wouldn’t have to move things around too much. You would instead be able to take what you need from a designated spot and then move on with your business. Trying to minimize how much you need to move in order to get certain things such as cooking done is essential to maximizing your quality of life, since even the most stringent methods for RV organization won’t be able to change the fact that there is a very limited amount of space in your RV for you to move around in.

A spice rack can also help you clear up counter space which you can then use for chopping vegetables or kneading dough. An added benefit is that it looks quite nice and can give your kitchen a homely vibe, making this one of the rare storage solutions that have multiple benefits.

A good way to make your spice rack help with RV organization and also save space in the process is by attaching it to the bottom of your cabinet. This way you can pull it down when you need spices and push it back up when you’re done. Remember, storage solutions don’t just create space out of nowhere, they often use up space as well so you need to implement them smartly to make sure they don’t end up doing more harm than good.

#9 Make Toothbrush Holders Out of PVC Pipes

A shower organizer is great for storing toothbrushes but this here is another RV storage tip that can improve convenience. If you want to organize your RV smartly, you need organization ideas that are suited to specific needs rather than just stuffing everything into the smallest number of RV storage solutions possible.

PVC pipes are sturdy and waterproof, and once you set them up they would seem like they have been custom made for holding toothbrushes and toothpaste. They are also quite easy to clean, an area in which a lot of organization hacks simply don’t measure up.

If you feel like these PVC pipes give your bathroom a rather industrial vibe rather than the homely feeling you were going for, there are a lot of ways in which you can customize them. Painting them is a great way to go about this. You can turn it into a family project, with everyone coming together to turn these PVC pipes into a collaborative work of art. Even painting initials on them so that people can keep their items separate will lend a lot of coziness to their aesthetic, proving that simple organization ideas aren’t necessarily going to lead to a dilapidated looking residence.

#10 Use Trays as Under Table Drawers

Drawers are great but much in the same way as bedside tables are not ideal for RV living, drawers can be a little too bulky and take up far too much storage space. A favorite RV storage hack of ours is to use plastic trays as makeshift drawers. You can install them under tables and have them slide in and out. They won’t have a lot of depth but they can be great for storing remote controls, cards, board games and other items that aren’t all that large but need to be stored securely to prevent your RV from getting messy.

You can also use trays as drawers for RV kitchen storage. This can be ideal for storing silverware, strainers and other small kitchen items that might have otherwise taken up counter space. As you can probably tell, your counter is one of the most important areas not just in your kitchen but in your entire RV, so saving space here should be a priority for you if you want to be able to get basic tasks done without being incovenienced.

#11 Utilize The Area Around Your Bed

If your RV has a bed frame in it, get rid of it. There are countless RV storage ideas that you can implement that would save space and organize your RV. The area under your bed is one of the most useful RV storage areas that you can think of, so don’t waste it. This can be where you have traditional drawers installed for space saving that is a little more durable than hammocks and pull out plastic trays.

If you want RV storage solutions that are a little more affordable than having something like this made, just get a few storage boxes that you can place under your bed. This is a favorite RV storage technique among a lot of people that live in such vehicular homes because it can keep things like books and clothes out of sight, and the RV storage space that you would be getting out of it would be far beyond anything else.

When it comes to RV organization, you need to deal with the big stuff before you can get to the little stuff. A lot of the hacks we have provided above are meant for little things that you might want to get out of the way for space saving purposes, but this is one of the few storage ideas that take advantage of empty, unused space without using up areas that you might want to keep clear of clutter.

RV organization isn’t limited to the space under your bed either. Your bed will likely have a headboard as well, and draping fabric over this headboard with a lot of pockets in it is one of the most efficient storage ideas that you are ever going to implement. Between storage containers or drawers under your bed, caddies beside and at the foot of your bed and storage pockets on your headboard covering, you would have enough organization ideas to vastly improve the RV storage space available to you in a very small part of your mobile home.

#12 Seat Organizers

Your living area is not the only part of your mobile home that could use a few RV storage ideas. Chances are that your RV has a seat or two. There would definitely be one for the driver, and possibly a passenger seat next to that as well. Placing seat organizers on all of the seats in your RV can help give you some much needed RV storage, and the best part is that you won’t have to compromise on any of your ideas for the living space either. These organizers would be great places for you to store things that you don’t really need all that often but would want to keep on you just in case. Things like magazines or CDs would be perfect for storing over here.

#13 Customize The Shelves in Your Closet

Closets are an important aspect of RV storage, but the shelves that come built into these closets are usually not that great. They are often too far apart, thereby making them inefficient for storing a large quantity of clothes. Hence, one of the most commonly implemented RV storage ideas involves taking the built in shelves out and putting in new ones according to your own specifications.

You can put in shelves that are a bit closer together so that you don’t have to stack your clothes so high that they might topple over. You can also take a few shelves out altogether so that you get some hanging RV storage for suits and other clothes that you won’t want to fold lest they get ruined.

#14 Use Your Stove as Extra Counter Space

There is a lot of prep work that you would often have to do before you start cooking, and since counter space would be limited you can increase it by using your stovetop as a makeshift counter. All you would have to do is place a cutting board on it while you are chopping vegetables, leaving the actual counter free for other tasks that you might need to complete.


There are a lot of RV storage ideas listed here, all of which would make camper organization far easier to deal with. Keep the organization ideas in mind as well, and remember to execute your RV organization plan in a methodical manner. There is a lot more RV storage than you could ever imagine, you just need to be proactive and think about what problems might occur where and implement storage ideas accordingly. Whether you have money to spare on expensive RV storage solutions or you are just trying to get the cheapest fix possible, there is a wide variety of ideas for you to choose from.


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