The 7 Best Small Truck Campers

If you live camping and do it regularly, you’ll know the struggles you have to deal with if you’re using tents. You’ll have to sleep in an inflating airbag, and will have to wake up early in the morning due to the sun’s burning rays getting into your eyes.

If you like spending some time outdoors, you won’t like the way tents work to give you comfort after a long day of adventures and tiring activities. The summer and fall season are the best times of the year for camping trips. So, you can prepare for these seasons in advance by investing in a small truck camper to help you on your camping trip.

You can invest in a small truck camper to make the best addition to your truck. These are easier to manage as well due to the smaller size and less weight. However, the small form factor doesn’t make any compromises in quality or living space.

Here is a list of some of the best small truck campers that you can invest in right now. We’ll include some important information about them as well.

Top 7 Small Truck Campers

1. GFC XL Platform Camper

This small truck camper is made by Go Fact Camper located in USA. They are known for delivering the best small truck campers.

XL means that this small truck camper is for full sized trucks. You get additional 6 inches in the sleeping space as compared to a regular truck camper by this company. Additionally, the total indoor living area is also increased.

So, if you like to get the full bed space even in a small truck camper on a trip, you can choose this model. This lightweight truck camper works like a tree house to keep the rest of the hauling space available for other purposes.

This Camper Includes

  • Pop top assembly.
  • Installation kit.
  • Side panels.
  • Covered mattress.
  • Any color that you choose.

Other things like customized colors, extra windows, side door and so on for extra price. The truck camper order can take 2 to 3 months to be fulfilled, and the company will keep constantly in touch with your throughout the whole process.


The base cost of this truck camper is around $7k, however, any extra features added will increase its cost. The delivery changes and the assembly cost might also charge you extra money. You can visit their website to see which vehicles this truck camper supports.

2. EarthCruiser GZL Pop Up Camper

If you’re in hard shell small truck campers, this is one of the best models currently on sale in the market.

The company has been in the market since a long time, and you can definitely rely on their experience and quality of craftsmanship. They provide you with high standard small truck campers.

Their truck campers are so spacious that they look like a studio apartment mentioned at the back of your truck. You have a full sized foldable bed, kitchen appliances and water fittings. Also, the truck enables you to travel to remote locations easily and without tiring.

This Camper Includes

  • Solar system.
  • Propane Tank.
  • Power Inverter.
  • Propane cooktop.
  • House battery.
  • Water heater.
  • A fridge.
  • Grey Water tank.
  • Fresh Water tank.

Also, you can add an water filtration system, truck camper jacks, another 90 amp battery, Bluetooth stereo, portable solar panel, a foldable dining table.

This truck camper should be your top priority if you’re looking for an easily removable truck camper. The rail system is also patented, so, it allows you to directly attach the truck camper to the truck. This is an easy way to attach and detach the truck camper from your truck.


You can get your hands on one of these for around $36k. However, an upfront deposit of $5k is needed to confirm your order. Any additional features you get in this truck camper will cause an increase in the overall cost. You can check their website to see the supported vehicles before ordering.

3. Capri Campers Cowboy Model

The company this camper has been in the business for over 5 decades, so, you should definitely consider them before looking at some truck campers to buy.

Although they have other models of the truck campers as well, but we’ll discuss only the Cowboy Model here.

The compact and insulated exterior of this model allows the camper to enjoy these truck campers for long outdoor trips.

This Camper Includes

  • A large bed with mattress.
  • Power plug for 30 amp on the back.
  • Battery system.
  • Any custom color of your choice.
  • A good fan.
  • Customized wood grain panels of your choice.
  • Overhead cabinets.
  • Fire extinguisher.
  • 3 windows.
  • A combination of different alarms.
  • Multiple outlets for charging and powering up appliances.
  • 2 outlets in the exterior.
  • Back door handle.
  • LED lighting.

While this camper already comes with lots of features, you can get even more by making some extra money. They allow you to choose from a wide range of color options to choose from.


The base model’s price for this camper is around $8k, and some extra charges increase the overall price to around $10k. You can visit their website to see the supported vehicles before ordering one.

4. AT Overland: Habitat

If you’re looking for a classic looking truck camper, you can definitely take a look at this model. This camper is easy to deploy, and doesn’t have the most luxurious amenities. This way, it allows you to spend more time outside the camper in the natural surroundings.

As the name suggests, this camper is specifically made for Overland and adventure travelling. The camper is also very lightweight, and provides a great platform for camping.

The Camper Includes

  • Deployment under 3 minutes.
  • Clear coated aluminum color.
  • Built in mattress.
  • Carpet in the interior.
  • Side pockets (up to 4) inside the camper.
  • A tent which supports all seasons.
  • Insulated walls for more comfort while sleeping.
  • Rugged design.
  • Constructed with aluminum composite.


The price of this camper starts at $8.9k. You can also get financing. Find out more details and supported vehicles on their website.

5. Camp King Outback Series Camper

These Campers have a collapsible sleeping area, and there is more than enough room for carrying more stuff in the camper.

The high quality aluminum used in the construction of this camper add to its durability. This is what makes these truck campers one of the best and the most durable Campers in the market.

This specific model of camper is great for heavy outdoor usage. The highly durable material used in the construction of these Campers allow for heavy outdoor usage.

This Camper Includes

  • Laser cut and precise components.
  • Stainless steel latches.
  • 3 full sized doors.
  • Gas struts.
  • Mesh windows on all the doors.
  • Powder coat finish.
  • Telescopic ladder.
  • 2 piece bed set.
  • Plenty of sleeping area.

You can also ask them for fully custom camper models. This way, you can get the camper fully customized according your needs. There are only a few companies which will entertain your custom camper orders.


The starting cost for standard camper is $12.5k, and shipping costs vary depending on your location. You can visit their website for more information on what vehicles the camper supports.

6. Leentu’s Flagship Truck Camper

Only the expert adventurers know the importance of a truck’s weight and total interior space. There are models ranging from under 100 lbs, all the way up to 150 lbs. This is what makes these Campers amazingly lightweight.

But don’t get carried away by its light weight, as this doesn’t affect the luxury features of the camper at all. In fact, this weight adds more features to the Campers.

This Camper Includes

  • Charging ports, auxiliary ports and even AC outlets.
  • Full height rear door.
  • LED lighting.
  • Feature filled roof.
  • Wiring for solar panel installation already exists.
  • 6 feet standing room is available.
  • Lofted and large sized bed for easy and comfortable sleeping experience.


This camper will cost you around $10.3k for the fiberglass model, and around $14k for the carbon fiber model. You can visit their website for more information on which vehicles they can support.

7. Standard Snap! Treehouse

This is also one of the most popular Campers out there. This is made of aluminum, and includes an insulated rooftop. You can use the gas piston to easily pick up and lower the Campers roof once again. When it is raised, a sleeping platform is revealed. This platform is waterproof, and has a pre-installed memory foam. This will surely be a considerable upgrade from a tent.

When you close the camper, everything will stay in place, and you’ll be ready to go on the road once again. The lower side of the camper is open to your creativity, and you can modify it according to your needs.

The Camper Includes

  • A specific aluminum or stainless steel cap.
  • A 12v output port.
  • 4 side access doors.
  • Insulated ceiling.
  • Whole interior is insulated.
  • Gas piston for the roof.
  • Built in memory foam with a removable cover.
  • A proper amount of LED for illumination.
  • Ladder for easy access.
  • All season tent, and doesn’t even need rain fly.
  • 3 layer windows (2 in total).

There are a lot of other features which you can add, but you’ll have to pay more for them.


There are two models available for $6.5k and $15k. Visit their website to see the vehicles they support.

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