Whether you are a retired couple intending to enjoy your new life, free of responsibilities, or you are an adventurous family that likes to take on a challenge, you need to be fully informed about everything before getting that RV on the road.

Lifestyle or One-Time Thing

First of all, you have to decide whether this will be your new lifestyle or you are just traveling as a one-time adventure. Nowadays, a lot of couples, individuals, and families have made RVing their lifestyle, and they are broadcasting it to the world through their YouTube channels or blogs. If you intend to do something of that sort, you should go ahead and buy an RV.

However, if you are just traveling once with your spouse or a group of friends, you can rent an RV. Also, if you want to test drive the whole RV life before buying one, renting is a good option for you.

Check The RV

You do not want to be the one person everyone else is getting annoyed by on the road. To prevent this, check your RV before you start your trip. Walk around the vehicle and check if everything is in place.

  • Keep the doors of fridges, storage spaces, and cupboards secured shut.
  • Check if the brakes and turn signals are working.
  • Check the windows, antenna, and lights.
  • Line the shelves with non-slip liners so that things stay in place when you are on the go.

You can learn about your RV by reading about it on the manufacturer’s website or watching YouTube videos. If everything is the way it is supposed to be, it is a green signal for you to go.

Plan The Trip

Just because you have your home on the wheels does not mean that you can head out without a plan. Make sure that you plan everything, including meals, stay at an RV park, sightseeing and maintenance beforehand. For this, it is best to whip out a map and start marking the areas that you will pass through or places you want to stay at for sightseeing.

Plan The Route

First of all, you have to plan the route you will be taking. For example, if you start your travel from Washington DC, you need to mark your trajectory for the travel. Here are a few questions that you should find the answers to:

  • Is there a height limit in town or areas that you will be passing through?
  • Are there RV parks in the region?
  • How long do you want the trip to be?
  • Do the campgrounds in your route have campsites for bigger RVs?
  • Do you have to pay child tax in the campsites?
  • Do the campsites allow pets?

If you have any other concerns, you should check those things too. You would not want to reach an RV park and find out that they do not have enough space or do not allow pets. That would be a buzzkill, wouldn’t it? You can plan your route by using specialized atlas such as the Randy McNally atlas, which shows you everything that you need for an RV trip, including truck stops, camping sites, etc. Alternatively, you can use a website such as Roadtrippers.com for planning your trip.

Plan Your Meals

It is imperative to plan your meals beforehand. Do not overpack and do not underpack either. Make sure that you have enough food, but you do not have too much that goes to waste. It is best to meal prep every day so that you have ample food for the trip. Do not forget to keep snacks and drinks. The meal prep differs from one person to another, so this is something that you have to do on your own. Keep dry and non-perishable items as they are better for longer trips.

Bring The Tools

You never know when a vehicle might bail on you, and you would definitely not want it to be when you are in the middle of an unknown town. Bring your tool-kit with you so that you can make minor repairs on your own. Keep spare parts such as bolts, nuts, screws, light bulbs, and anything else that you think you might need.

Follow The Camp Etiquette

Once you are at the camp, you do not have to think just about yourself but about others too. All mobile home parks have instructions, books, or rules guide. Read it carefully and follow the rules. If you are with friends and you want to have fun in the RV, go ahead and do that but be considerate of others. Do not get too noisy with loud music or your own voices.

If you have kids with you, make sure that they are not disturbing other people in the mobile home park. Mostly, you would find seniors who are at the campsite to have a little bit of peace. So, do not let your kids or pets disturb them. Keep your pets on a leash and pick up their waste so that your furry friends do not cause a nuisance to other people at the mobile home park.  

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Lastly, make sure that you have a lot of fun. Getting in an RV the first time is definitely challenging, but at the end of the trip, it is worth it. Having one does not mean speeding down the road, putting yours and other drivers’ lives at risk. An RV is a huge vehicle, and no matter how good a driver you are, you will need to drive at a certain speed.

You will make some mistakes, but they are only there to teach you what to do or not do the next time. If you have done your homework, you would have a ball of a time.

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