The 10 Best Travel Trailers With 2 Bathrooms

Sometimes taking your family on long journeys in a travel trailer is the best thing for them. It can allow them to break out of the bubble they might currently live in. What’s more is that it has the potential to change their perspective on a lot of things. If nothing else, traveling in a camper with your family can help all of you bond. You would be reminded of how important family is, and you would come out the other side more appreciative of the familial bonds you get to enjoy.

Now, traveling with your family is all well and good. But it does necessitate that you get a travel trailer with two bathrooms. This would give anyone the level of privacy they need. Otherwise they might end up feeling trapped and with nowhere to go where they can be alone. You don’t just want to take your family on a trip where they’re not comfortable. Rather, you would want them to be able to feel at home. This won’t be possible if they all have to share a single bathroom.

Before you go out and buy a travel trailer with two bathrooms, you need to bear in mind that they don’t come cheap. These aren’t compact travel trailers that are meant for basic necessities. Rather, they would be a lot larger than your average camper or RV. What’s more is that there are pros and cons to having two bathrooms that you might want to keep in mind. We will discuss these pros and cons below. You can also find a list of the ten best campers and RVs that have two bathrooms.

The Pros And Cons of RVs With Two Bathrooms

It is important to keep in mind the benefits that you would get by purchasing an RV or travel trailer with two bathrooms. These advantages can help you understand why this is such a great purchase. Perhaps the most obvious advantage is that everyone will have their own space. There would be less of a chance that someone might need to wait for the current occupant of a bathroom to get done with their business. Having to wait to use the bathroom can be really frustrating. Especially early in the morning when the need for a bathroom can arguably be referred to as an emergency.

If you have young kids then an extra bathroom becomes even more important. After all, you can’t expect your kid to just stand and hold it while someone else finishes their bathroom time. Kids don’t have a lot of control over their bladders and bowels. This means that if they are forced to hold it, they could have an accident and make a mess. Such accidents are particularly troublesome in RVs. Because the smell tends to spread rather quickly and can be tough to get it. Having an extra bathroom is crucial for avoiding such issues.

It can also be stressful to be in the bathroom and having someone banging on the door. This can prevent you from going about your business calmly, and some have difficulty going at all if the pressure to leave quickly is on them. Hence, you need at least two bathrooms so that people don’t have to wait too long. Your family members might also be able to split the bathroom among themselves. If only a couple of people are ever going to be using a specific bathroom, this means that they would get the chance to personalize it according to their own preferences.

Now that all of the benefits have been discussed, we need to mention the potential downsides of having two bathrooms in your travel trailer. While the advantages are certainly pertinent, you need to put them in context by also taking negative factors into account. The net result does lean towards the positive opinion but that doesn’t change the fact that some of these downsides might be deal breakers for a lot of people thinking of buying an RV or a travel trailer.

A commonly discussed disadvantage of having two bathrooms is that they take up a lot of space. RVs don’t have a lot of space to begin with, which means that two bathrooms are a luxury that might reduce space in other areas. This means that you might need to buy a very high end RV to incorporate two bathrooms whilst also having extra space for comfortable living. Or you might need to settle for not having a lot of room to move around if having two bathrooms is a bigger priority for you. Either way, a compromise would have to be made. Either you would need to spend a lot more money or make do with a limited amount of living space. It all depends on whether you prefer larger bedrooms and dining areas or if you would rather just have a spare bathroom for various situations.

Another downside is that they require more maintenance. One bathroom requires quite a bit of maintenance on its own. Having two bathrooms means that this maintenance, and the costs that come with it, would be doubled. Still, with all of these downsides taken into account, having two bathrooms tends to be a popular option for most people. It’s all a matter of what’s more important for your particularly lifestyle.

An Important Thing to Consider

People seem to think that you only have two options when it comes to the bathrooms in your RV or camper. These two options are having either one or two options. However, what if we told you that there was a third option? This third option might represent a middle ground that many would find to be satisfying.

The third option that we are referring to here is having one and a half bathrooms. In this kind of setup, one of your bathrooms would be fully fitted with showers and other necessary amenities. Your extra bathroom, on the other hand, would not have a full setup. Instead it would consist of basic amenities such as a commode and a sink.

A setup like this tends to offer you the best of both worlds. Your family members would have an extra bathroom to attend the call of nature in case the main bathroom is being used. Having multiple showers is not that important after all. Mostly people just need an extra bathroom so that they can go. Waiting for a shower is not nearly as bad as having to hold your pee in while someone else finishes up their bathroom usage.

This option has some pretty clear advantages. For one thing, it tends to provide a lot of the same benefits that a dual bathroom setup can offer. All of these benefits are provided without using as much space. You would save up to half the space that would have otherwise gone towards setting up a spare full bathroom.

Some criticize dual bathroom setups as being unnecessarily extravagant. One and a half bathrooms is therefore preferable for such people. It also reduces maintenance costs. So you should take this option seriously, especially if you are on a tight budget but still don’t want to have to compromise on bathrooms. Now, without further ado, here are the ten best campers, RVs, travel trailers and motorhomes that offer two separate bathrooms.

Top 10 Best Travel Trailers With 2 Bathrooms

1. Fleetwood Discovery LXE

This is a highly luxurious motorhome that is meant for life on the road. It has five different floor plans on offer, four of which would have 2 bathrooms that you can take advantage of. The front area of the motorhome also has heated flooring. This would be a nice touch during winter. It will reduce your dependence on space heaters and the like. Such heaters pose a lot of health risks. Using heated flooring can prevent you from having to deal with such risks. It also lends a premium feel to the whole vehicle. It’s rare to find homes that have any kind of heated flooring. So the fact that this motorhome has such a feature is truly impressive.

One of the bathrooms would be an en suite. Hence, you can use it in the privacy of your own bedroom. The other bathroom can be used for other members of the family as well as guests. That way guests won’t have to go traipsing through your bedroom in order to get to the bathroom. As a result, you would get a motorhome experience that is full of privacy and convenience. The second bathroom is a half bath and it’s located in the living area next to the kitchen for easy access.

2. Forest River Legacy SR 340

You won’t have to settle for one and a half baths with this motorhome. Instead, you get a full two bathrooms. That’s because the Legacy motorhome by Forest River is designed to be as luxurious as possible. You can tell how much they cared about luxury when you see the hardwood floors. They are semi-glossy which means that cleaning them would be a breeze. It’s also nice to have hardwood floors since they make the whole place seem a bit fancier. That doesn’t mean the interior would look ostentatious, though. Rather, these hardwood floors are stylish but in a really classy way.

Both of the bathrooms in this motorhome will have access to continuous hot water. This is a luxury that can be amazing to have when it’s cold outside. Showering with cold water during winter can be one of the worst things for anyone to experience. So you would definitely appreciate the fact that this motorhome lets you have hot showers whenever you feel like it. The lighting in this motorhome is also quite nice. You have dimmer controls which allow you to control how bright the light is. This is great for maximizing the aesthetic value of your motorhome.

3. Tiffin Phaeton 40 IH

This might be one of the most luxurious motorhomes that you could possibly get. It has plenty of extra features that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. One particular feature that we enjoyed a lot is the motion sensor activated lighting for exterior storage compartments. It can often be tricky to see where you are putting your luggage, and you need to have clear visibility in these areas. You might need to get something from exterior storage compartments at night. Taking a flashlight along can be time consuming and inconvenient. Hence, the motion activated lighting is a nice feature that can help you access your stored items whenever the need arises.

You also get a pretty impressive fridge with this motorhome. It’s made of stainless steel, and looks very high end. You wouldn’t have to compromise when you have a fridge like this. Plenty of other useful features are being offered as well. Such as the patio awning that can be automatically activated. The patio awning also comes with metal wrapping. This can help protect it from all kinds of damage. You need the patio awning to have a pleasant experience while sitting outside your motorhome. So having it protected from damage can put your mind at ease.

4. Winnebago Horizon 42Q

It’s tough to find a motorhome that has a nice fridge. The Winnebago Horizon, however, provides one like it’s no big deal. That’s part of the reason why we like this motorhome so much. The fridge here is once again made of stainless steel. It also comes with French doors. Which is a sign that the fridge is truly spacious. You would be able to store all of your perishable foods in it. Storing food in advance is a great way to keep you and your family fed for the duration of your trip.

This motorhome also provides an excellent entertainment system. The system can be accessed from the exterior of the vehicle. It has a great sound quality to it. HDTV is also offered, so you can take advantage of high definition video as well. Another perk is that this motorhome offers keyless entry. You wouldn’t have to worry about keeping your keys on you. Nor would you have to stress out if you ever lose your keys. Instead you get easy access to your motorhome with the push of a button. Cutting edge technology like this sets this motorhome apart from the rest.

5. Dutchman Voltage 3915

Dutchman has put a lot of work into making this a cutting edge 5th wheel that anyone would want to use. It has a centralized control system that provides easy access to everything. There is also some pretty smart usage of space here. Space has been optimized to make sure that nothing is wasted. Sink placement in particular has been managed spectacularly here. The kitchen island has the sink built into it. That means that you would have more counter space to use for other cooking activities. Chopping vegetables is easier when you have extra counter space after all.

Another thing that we like about this motorhome is that it gives you options. It lets you choose what kind of interior design you want. You can select from lots of different options. More options means you wouldn’t have to compromise. Instead you would be able to select something that conforms to your preferences.

This is a motorhome that is both practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. It offers the best of both worlds in many ways. This is something that makes a lot of people appreciate the quality it can provide.

6. Jayco Northpoint

This is a 5th wheel that offers two full bathrooms. In fact, one of the bathrooms actually has extra privacy. It has been installed in the rear of the 5th wheel. Which means that you can use it without anyone being anywhere near the bathroom. Some people need a little extra privacy while they are going about their business. This kind of bathroom setup helps them out a bit. Both bathrooms are also fully fitted. So you can rely on a complete experience whenever you use them.

Pantries are great for storing a lot of food, so you would like that this 5th wheel has a pantry built in. We’re not talking about a standard pantry either, but rather a huge walk in pantry that can store all kinds of things. An additional space saving measure is the foldable bed and desk setup that you have. It’s perfect for when you have guests or if your family is a bit larger.

A fairly extravagant loft area is also made available for you. It can be found above the bonus room. This makes it perfect for relaxation. It also means that you get maximum usage out of the space you have. Vertical expansion always works out better than horizontal expansion.

7. Heartland Milestone 389TB

Having two full bathrooms is one thing. Having one bathroom with a bathtub in it is another. Bathtubs offer the ultimate bathing experience. They are a lot better than showers, and use a lot less water as well. This 5th wheel has a bathroom with a bathtub in it. The other bathroom has a shower. Which means that two people can bathe at a time. Something that can prove useful if you need to go to some kind of an event and multiple people need to get ready so that they can go to this event.

This 5th wheel has been optimized to facilitate complete off grid living. It has a pretty excellent solar setup. As well as satellite links that you can use to communicate with people. There are also some nice lights that you can use. The lights are placed in the ceiling boards. They’re accented to provide a softer and more comforting lighting experience. Lights form an important part of your lifestyle. So it’s nice that you get to take advantage of such excellent lighting in this 5th wheel. It gives it a nice vibe that would let you relax completely. You might even forget that you live a life on the road because this 5th wheel offers hotel room level luxuries.

8. Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40BHQS

This 5th wheel makes smart usage of space. It offers an exterior shower. That way you can get your bathing done without preventing someone else from being able to use the bathroom. Exterior showers are a lot of fun as well. Using them can help you get clean whilst also appreciating the great outdoors. The water will most likely be hot as well thanks to the furnace. What’s more is that the furnace has an automatic ignition system. So you wouldn’t have to go through the rather stressful ordeal of trying to turn it on manually. Furnace heaters are also great at keeping your 5th wheel warm.

Warmth has clearly been a huge priority for Jayco while making this fifth wheel. You can see this in the electric fireplace that has been installed. Hence, you would get two heating options with this fifth wheel. You can use one to keep a steady supply of hot water coming, whereas the other can be used to keep your 5th wheel nice and toasty no matter how cold it might be outside.

9. Crossroads Sunset Trail SS331BH

It can be nice to be able to look at the sky while you are using the bathroom. That’s why we like the skylight that this trailer offers in one of the bathrooms. For better or for worse, the main bathroom is not located in the bedroom. It’s in the main living area instead. Some would like this since the bedroom can then be used for sleeping. It will only ever be accessed when you are looking to get some shut eye. You can spend most of your day in the living area and have continuous easy access to the bathroom.

You get a traditional fireplace with this trailer. Using this would bring a nice, warm feeling to the environment. This is perfect for people that have large families that they need to take care of. You want a nice family environment that everyone can enjoy after all. The excellent insulation that this trailer offers can also help you to keep the interior warm. It can reduce the amount of time you need to leave a heater on. Thereby saving you a lot of energy. Your trailer would stay warmer for longer thanks to the insulation as well. That’s definitely a point in the pros column for this fifth wheel.

10. Keystone RV Passport 3351BH GT Series

Exterior access to bathrooms can offer a lot of benefits. It helps you use your bathroom even if you’re outside. It also makes it easier for you to access the bathroom while taking a shower. This fifth wheel has doors that can allow you to access each of the bathrooms from the outside. The exterior shower also has two separate taps for hot and cold water. This is a feature that many fifth wheels don’t offer. You can get the water to just the right temperature for you to use.

While this 5th wheel has a lot of great interior features, it’s clear that it is meant to help you enjoy yourself outside. The kitchen has been fitted in the exterior of this vehicle as well. That means that you can entertain your guests easily without bringing them into your otherwise cramped quarters. The vaulted ceiling is also a nice touch. It helps create more ventilation during the summer.

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