The resurgence of camping lifestyle is widely being noticed in various Western countries, and a great majority of families prefer having a travel trailer rather than spending a fortune on high-end hotel rooms. Despite the fact that various local authorized dealers of motor homes report to observe a slow increase in the sales of their products, the demand for lightweight campers has increased significantly during the past few decades.

With the economic downturn, most office-goers and entrepreneurs have reconsidered their spending priorities, and now they are giving great preference to these modern trailers that can be easily pulled away by SUVs and standard cars. Most car manufacturers have already taken notice of this new demand in the market, and they are now introducing vehicles with greater towing capacities, so that they can have higher chances of penetrating this new niche in the market. Now you no more have to worry about spending your hard-earned money on an expensive pickup truck, as you would be able to satisfy your wanderlust by purchasing a lightweight trailer.

If you want to have the best mobile motel room suite at an affordable rate, then you should take some time out to do thorough research in the market because of availability of several options out there. First you need to evaluate the horsepower value of the engine of your current car, so that you can have a fair estimate in your mind about the max dry weight your car can haul without getting damaged. Most models have built-in plumbing system, so that you don’t have to use bathroom of the camping ground – which is provided for public use. With that in mind, below you can find the best ​ultra-lightweight travel trailers for your specific requirements.

T​op 4 Best Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 2000 Pounds in ​2020

#1 Riverside Retro Travel Trailer

You can get your vintage vibe on by investing your money in this new camper, which can be easily kept in your garage without having to allocate an additional storage space for it. Because of its compact size, it can be easily maneuvered throughout your journey and you would not have any difficulty finding suitable parking space for it at the desired campsite. Its built-in bathroom contains all the features necessary for you to ditch the public facilities, and you can fully utilize your investment during your outdoor adventures.

The contemporary look of this 5th Wheel makes it highly sought after in the consumer market, as you can travel with style and impress your friends. The one-piece floor decking comes in very handy, as you would not have to worry about ending up frayed or damaged edges after some months of usage. It offers 18 different floor plans, which would make it easier for you to go with the theme and color combination you have in your mind.

#2 Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro

This feature-filled trailer is specially designed with “green technology”, which allows it to reduce its carbon emissions in the air, so that the consumers can play their part in a positive manner for the surrounding environment. It has a 20,000 BTU furnace and microwave oven, so that you can have a home-like experience during your trips to different landscapes and terrains.

From roof ladder to three-way refrigerator, it is packed with basic necessities so that you don’t miss out on any useful item when you are in the middle of nowhere. Its Wi-Fi range booster would allow you to venture far into the woods without having to worry about losing connectivity to the internet, and you would be able to post scenic shots and snaps on your social media accounts instantly. It also has a roof mount solar panel, so that you can use your electronic gadgets and machines without any compromise. The vacuum laminated roofing increases the insulation of the indoor space, so that you can keep it warm or cool according to the temperature outside. It can be hauled by minivans and other small vehicles, so that you don’t have to borrow a truck from a friend every time you want to drive off during the weekends.

#3 Palomino PaloMini Travel Trailer

With a sleeping capacity of 3 persons, this camper is made from super-durable material that gives it a sturdy look, and it can be driven over rough terrain without having to worry about triggering any deterioration effects. Its laminated roof can bear your bodyweight, so that you can easily climb on top of it to perform the routine cleaning chores without putting any dents over its front surface. It also comprises of an automotive grade windshield that can withstand substantial amount of force and pressure, so that you can take it out during adverse weather conditions without ending up with a broken or cracked glass portion.

Its maple hand-glazed cabinets and LED interior light fixture gives it a highly sophisticated look from the inside, and you could experience the feeling of being in nice hotel room.

#4 Jayco Hummingbird Travel Trailer

It boasts an ultra-light bodyweight compared to the number of amenities and features it offers. Its nitro filled radial tires give it a smooth maneuvering capability, so that the passengers don’t experience jumpy movements over an uneven terrain. With its mortise and tenon cabinetry, you can gain access to amazing interior décor that also has high level of functionality. The quick-connect faucet and 2-way refrigerator makes it highly useful for people that want to fully utilize their kitchen experience in a camper.

It has built-in residential style countertops and 2-burner recessed cooktop, so that you can enhance your traveling experience when you are away from your home for many days. When you head inside, you would also find a full-sized bed that has an overhead storage compartment, so that you don’t feel restricted in terms of living space. You can also complement its existing setup with an adjustable grill to enhance your cooking experience.

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