Unlock the Secrets to a Cozy Spring: Learn How to De-Winterize Your Jayco Travel Trailer!

1. Introduction

Travel trailers are a great way to explore the outdoors and enjoy some time away from home. Jayco is one of the top manufacturers of travel trailers, and they produce a variety of models that are perfect for all types of camping adventures. However, when winter rolls around, it’s important to take the proper steps to winterize your Jayco travel trailer in order to ensure it’s in good condition when you’re ready to use it again. In this article, we’ll discuss how to de-winterize your Jayco travel trailer so you can hit the road again with confidence.

2. Types of Jayco Travel Trailers

Jayco produces a variety of travel trailers that range from small pop-up campers to larger fifth wheels and toy haulers. No matter what type of camping experience you’re looking for, there’s sure to be a Jayco travel trailer that fits your needs. Some popular models include:

• The Jayco Hummingbird: This lightweight model is perfect for couples or solo adventurers who want an easy-to-tow camper with all the amenities.

• The Jayco White Hawk: This mid-sized model offers plenty of sleeping space for up to six people and comes with several luxury features such as an outdoor kitchen and LED lighting.

• The Jayco Eagle HT: If you need extra sleeping space or storage, this fifth wheel is perfect for large families or groups who want a comfortable camping experience without sacrificing quality or convenience.

3. Winterizing a Jayco Travel Trailer

Before winterizing your Jayco travel trailer, it’s important to make sure all systems are working properly and all necessary maintenance has been completed. This includes checking tire pressure, inspecting brakes and bearings, topping off fluids such as antifreeze and oil, cleaning out the refrigerator and freezer compartments, draining the water heater tank, testing smoke detectors and propane tanks, cleaning out any debris inside the RV, and more. Once these tasks have been completed, you can begin winterizing your RV by following these steps:

• Drain all water lines by opening faucets and flushing toilets until they run dry; then turn off the water heater switch located outside near the water heater tank door.
• Add RV antifreeze into all drains (including sink drains), toilet bowls/tanks (don’t forget the black tank flush), shower pans/drains (if applicable), traps (if applicable),and hot water heater tank inlet/outlet lines until it runs clear from each outlet faucet/drain/trap; then close them tightly after draining is complete.
• Disconnect shore power cord from electrical outlet; then disconnect battery cables from battery terminals; then remove battery(s).

4. Supplies Needed to De-Winterize a Jayco Travel Trailer

In order to successfully de-winterize your Jayco travel trailer, you’ll need several supplies on hand including:
• RV Antifreeze – Non toxic antifreeze is recommended since it won’t harm plants or animals if accidentally spilled on grass or into lakes/streams while camping outdoors
• Garden hose – A long garden hose will be needed in order to fill up fresh water tanks after de-winterizing process is complete
• Towels – You’ll need several towels handy in case any spills occur during de-winterization process

5. Step by Step Guide to De-Winterizing a Jayco Travel Trailer

1) Start by reconnecting shore power cord back into electrical outlet followed by reconnecting battery cables back onto battery terminals; then replace battery(s).

2) Turn on water pump switch located inside RV followed by turning on main water supply valve located outside near city hookup connection point; then open cold & hot water faucets located inside RV one at time starting with cold faucet first until steady stream appears followed by hot faucet until steady stream appears; lastly close both cold & hot faucets once steady streams appear from each one respectively.

3) Fill up fresh water tanks using garden hose connected directly onto city hookup connection point located outside near main supply valve previously opened in step 2 above; once full turn off main supply valve & disconnect garden hose before moving on.

4) Open roof vent located over toilet bowl & pour non toxic antifreeze down toilet bowl followed by flushing toilet until pinkish color appears in bowl before closing roof vent back up again.

5) Locate drain valves located at lowest points within each compartment (i.e., greywater holding tank drain valve & blackwater holding tank drain valve); open valves one at time starting with greywater holding tank first followed by blackwater holding tank lastly before closing valves once finished draining each respective compartment completely.

6) Lastly refill fresh water tanks using garden hose connected directly onto city hookup connection point located outside near main supply valve previously opened in step 3 above; once full turn off main supply valve & disconnect garden hose before moving on.

6. Pre-Season Checklist for Your Jayco Travel Trailer

Now that you’ve successfully dewinterized your Jayco travel trailer its time for some preseason maintenance checks prior taking it out on its first trip of the season! Here are some items that should be included in your preseason checklist:

• Check tire pressure & inspect brakes & bearings – Make sure tires are inflated correctly according manufacturer specs as well as visually inspect brakes & bearings for any signs wear or tear prior hitting road again! • Top off fluids – Check engine oil levels as well as other fluid levels such as transmission fluid coolant etc ensuring everything topped off according manufacturer specs prior traveling! • Clean refrigerator & freezer compartments – Take time clean out any food items left behind during winter storage period ensuring nothing spoiled left behind causing bad odors while traveling! • Drain water heater tank – Remove plug underneath exterior door access panel allowing remaining liquid inside evaporate before replacing plug tightening securely! • Test smoke detectors & propane tanks – Make sure smoke detectors functioning properly prior traveling also check propane tanks ensuring no leaks present prior connecting them appliances such stove oven etc! • Clean out debris – Vacuum interior carpets rugs furniture etc removing any dust dirt debris accumulated during winter storage period making sure everything clean ready go! • Inspect roof – Visually inspect roof checking caulk sealants seams etc looking any signs damage needing repair prior traveling again! • Inspect windows – Visually inspect windows seals frames looking any signs damage needing repair prior traveling again!

7. Tips and Tricks for DeWinterizing Your JayCO Travel Trailer

Here are some tips tricks help make dewinterization process go smoothly every year: 1) Use non toxic antifreeze instead regular automotive type since won’t harm environment if accidentally spilled outdoors while camping 2) Always keep extra set towels handy case spills occur during process 3) Remember always fill up fresh water tanks last step process 4) Always remember check tire pressure brakes bearings other maintenance items required prior taking unit road 5) Keep track expiration dates propane tanks replacing them regularly 6) Be sure test smoke detectors regularly 7) Take time clean out refrigerator freezer compartments annually 8 ) Take pictures unit both inside outside documenting condition 9 ) Make list items need replaced repaired updated 10 ) Have professional mechanic perform annual inspection unit 11 ) Always remember store unit covered area possible 12 ) Keep records service performed unit 13 ) Always remember remove batteries units stored long periods 14 ) Last but not least always remember enjoy yourself!

8 Conclusion

DeWinterizing your jayCO travel trailer can seem like daunting task but following these instructions tips tricks should make process go smoothly every year!With right supplies preparation anyone can successfully deWinterize their jayCO travel trailer preparing them hit road confidently!Thanks reading!

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