The 10 Best Van Conversion Companies

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If you’re in love with vanlife, and have even invested in the perfect van to suit your needs, you’ll now want to start looking for a company to get it customized/ converted.

While some vans come fitted with everything that you to need for life of road, others need to be converted before you can hit the road. And this is your 2nd biggest step after buying the van.

Conversions aren’t cheap, and they can get more expensive really quickly if you add more features. While you can try to save some bucks by converting the van yourself, this project can be frightening for many. That is why there are multiple good van conversion companies in the country you can choose from to get your van converted. They can help fulfill your vanlife dreams by converting your van in the way you like.

While these companies can build whatever you desire, they are professionals, and they always keep an eye on functionality, and make sure that it isn’t hurt when converting the van.

Of you’re looking to get your van converted as well, here is a list of the best van conversion companies you can choose from.

Top 10 Van Conversion Companies

1. TouRig

This company has been in the business for around 2 decades, and their mission always has been to encourage people to go out on adventures. They are known to focus on their relationship with their customer. The vans they convert are built perfectly, and are sufficiently lightweight.

They have a team of amazing and skilled professionals from transportation, construction and maritime industries. Their professionals are dedicated to delivering the best results in every van conversion. The company is known for its attention to detail, and innovative designs. You can explore from their wide range of available customization options.

TouRig also has a shop containing all the essential vanlife accessories. You can find things like showers, windows covers and storage bags optimized for van use in their store. You can even bug a new or pre-converted van from them.

2. Sportsmobile

Sportsmobile is one of the oldest van conversion companies in the market right now. They are doing it since 1961, and they know what they’re doing. They have experience of converting lots of different models vans. You can ask them to do certain unique conversions that many of their competitors won’t be able to provide.

You can start the process of buying and converting a vehicle by starting with laying down your vehicle needs, choosing from different lengths, roof heights and also choose between gas and diesel engines. After this, you can ask sportsmobile to provide you with one the lineup of customizations they can do for you. They can eight customize the vehicle based on one of their standard plans, or you can design your own vehicle while keeping the costs almost the same.

Their studio to design your own vehicle can be found on their website.

One of the best things about this company is that they can finance your conversion project upto 50%, and you can get 100% financing for the van as well.

Sportsmobile even has a van rental option. So, you can rent a converted van and see what vanlife is all about before actually investing in a van.

3. Freedom Vans

This company is dedicated to providing high quality converted vans to their customers to give them the best outdoor experience in their vanlife.

They do every project in a unique way, and the length of the whole conversion will depend on the complexity of the features that you’re looking to get installed in the van.

They won’t offer any consultation of you’re converting your own van, but you definitely can hire them to convert your van. You can state any wishes or desires that you might have to get them fulfilled.

This company is also known for its experience in solar systems. You can get a really well built converted van from them with an integrated solar system for extra power when you’re off-grid. You can also contact them only to get solar system, batteries and other things like these installed in your van.

However, keep in mind that freedom vans can’t source vans for you. But the recommend buying from Mercedes dealerships.

4. Rossmönster Vans

This particular company specializes in wooden interiors for your van conversions. So, if you’d like to have some woodwork done inside your van, you should get in contact with this company.

The company has both expert woodworkers and engineers on-board to help in any type of conversion. They provide really high quality customized interiors for converted vans, and you can rely on them to respect the given deadline.

You can start by filling out their decision form, and after that, a designer will provide you with different floor plan options to choose from. They will also begin buying materials to customize your van at this point. So, they are a perfect choice for the person looking to get a fully customized and unique luxury converted van.

5. Adventure Wagon

This company is known for doing conversions and making vans versatile. This way, your converted van will be suitable to fit more than just one purpose. You can get a specialized and fully modular van from them. You can therefore modify your van for every trip.

The modular designs they provide are great looking and durable, and that’s why they are perfect to fit in every advantage that you undertake. Also, the futuristic design makes sure that you won’t have to come back for small upgrades after an year or two. Your investment is perfectly safe when you get your van converted by Adventure Wagon.

Conversion kits provided by them can be installed by the van owner without any hassle, and you can get help from a number of credible online resources. If anything is confusing you, you can get in contact with one of their certified installation partners for assistance in the process.

You can explore their signature range to get more customization as well but that will increase the cost as well.

6. Boulder Campervans

This company make every conversion a custom and unique one for you. You’ll find them amazing to work with especially if you’d like innovative stuff installed in your van.

The company also sells customized vans, but their main business is making unique customized vans for their customers.

When you work with Boulder Campervans, you’re guaranteed to get quality work. They will work with you to provide a home on wheels that is high quality, and looks great in every aspect.

You can do your own research and explore some great customization ideas for your specific van model. After this, you can decide on any extras that you want to be fitted inside the van. After all this, you can get in contact with the design team of Boulder Campervans. They will provide you with 3D blueprints of the floor plan.

You can take a look at the blueprints, and tweak anything that you want to. Also, choose the materials that you want to be used in the conversion process.

7. Recon Campers

Recon Campers is one of the best choices you have if you’re on a budget, but want to experience quality vanlife. Their conversions start from only $7500. This allows you to experience vanlife on a budget.

They make vans which won’t have high enough roof to let you stand unless the roof is popped. These vans are still great for lots of different adventures. They can fully finance your base van through a dealer. Also, you can get up to 50% financing for the conversion as well.

Depending on your conversion needs, you can choose one of the many conversion options provided by Recon Campers. You can also get a pop-up top, or make other customization as per your customization needs. Their Envy models contain lots of different functions which you can choose from depending on your conversion budget and needs.

8. Glamper Van

They create vans that are perfect for full-time outdoor living. They are one of the best van conversion companies that you can choose to get your van converted from.

They majorly work with RAM ProMaster 136wb vans. You can choose from the models they’ve built. Keep in mind that they don’t do custom conversions. So, you can look elsewhere if you don’t like their configurations.

The pre-built designs they provide are tested for durability for thousands of miles before getting finalized.

9. Outside Van

Outside Van is a company that is made by vanlifers and experts in this field. The company was founded 30 years back to provide great conversions to the people looking for perfect vehicles.

They have a capacity of doing 100 converted vans per year, and they have many happy and returning customers. They have an amazing team of over 65 professionals. Their diverse team is probably one of the best in the converted van industry and they do take pride in that.

The company creates lots of components in-house. Their package as all the essentials to cover the much needed infrastructure in your van. After getting this plan, you can add any customizations to make the van fit for your everyday use. You can get many upgrades as well.

10. Van Specialties

This is your best bet it you’re looking for an affordable van conversion but with zero compromises on quality. They have lower prices than a majority of their competitors.

Their website has a system which can give you rough questions based on the check boxes you choose. This will provide you with an idea about budgeting the conversion in a good way.

This company has been in business for over 4 decades, and their target has been helping their clients get the best converted vans according to their needs.

They have a great team of engineers which will work with you on every step of the process in making a great looking custom van for your perfect vanlife. They will always use the best materials and parts. They show their professionalism and class in every conversion they do.

These were 10 of the best van conversion companies that you can choose from depending on your personal needs, location and budget.

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