What to Stock a Camper Trailer With

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A camper trailer is a small, self-contained vehicle with a bed and a kitchen. They are typically used for camping or for weekend getaways.

Most people stock their camper trailers with the basics such as: food, water, and clothing. But what about items that make life easier? Here are some items that you should consider adding to your list of things to stock your camper trailer with:

-A portable stove

-A coffee maker

-A portable fan

What should I put in my travel trailer?

Surge protector. Electrical adapters. Toilet chemicals. Sewer kit. RV-friendly toilet paper. Water pressure regulator. Drinking water hose. Leveling blocks.[1]

How do you keep damp out of a trailer?

#1: Warm Things Up. #2: Invest in a Dehumidifier. #3: Put Your Vent Fans to Use. #4: Open a Window. #5: Avoid Hanging Things to Dry Indoors. #6: Skip the Propane Furnace. #7: Change the Way You Cook. #8: Use the Bathhouse.[2]

How can I make my camper look nice?

Lighten Up Using Window Treatments. Increase Interior Lighting. Decorate with Functional Pillows. Brighten Your RV Bedroom with Bedding and Linens. Accent Your RV Decor with Blankets and Throws. Using Wall Art and Attractive Visible Storage.[3]

What should you not forget on an RV trip?

2.1 1. Basic Tool Box. 2.2 2. RV Surge Protector. 2.3 3. Water Pressure Regulator. 2.4 4. Water Filter. 2.5 5. Foldable Rake. 2.6 6. Portable Air Compressor. 2.7 7. Portable Speaker.[4]

What should you not pack in your RV?

Don’t stock the kitchen with bulk foods. Don’t outfit (everything) with storage enhancers. Don’t bring appliances and kitchen tools that are one dimensional. Don’t bring every form of entertainment. Don’t think everything from home will work in your RV.[5]

How do I keep moisture out of my camper in the winter?

Run A Dehumidifier. Use Your Vent Fans. Avoid Hanging Things To Dry Indoors. Open A Window Or Ceiling Vent. Skip The Gas Furnace. Change The Way You Cook. Raise The Temperature. Insulate RV Slide-Outs.[6]

Should I run a dehumidifier in my RV?

Dry air inside an RV is ideal. Wet air inside an RV is a problem waiting to manifest itself in mold, decay, and destruction. The most efficient method to reduce water in the air is to use an RV dehumidifier.[7]

How do I keep my camper dry in storage?

By opening up the RV’s windows and vents, you can ensure that air flows inside the RV. Run a dehumidifier – If your storage location has an electricity plugin, it may be a good idea to occasionally run an RV dehumidifier to suck out all of the additional moisture from the humidity in the air.[8]

How do I make my camper homey?

Decorate Like It’s Your Living Room. Make Scents. Re-Create Your Bedroom. Add Comforts of Home. Up Your Bathroom Game. Bring Mementos to Feel Connected. Decorate for the Holidays.[9]

How do you decorate the inside of a travel trailer?

Paint the Interior Walls. Add Throw Pillows to Accessorize Your Travel Trailer. Install Wall Decals Inside Your Camper Trailer. Use Peel and Stick Flooring Inside Your RV or Travel Trailer. Maybe It’s Time for Some Cool Clocks to Decorate Your Travel Trailer.[10]

What kind of bedding do you use for an RV?

Any regular queen sheets (60″ x 80″) will fit an RV queen bed. If you have a short queen, you need short queen sheets. More the fitted sheet than the top sheet. The top sheet can just be tucked in further to get it lined up the right way.[11]

How do you pack an RV like a pro?

Make a List of Necessary Items Based on Daily Activities. Safeguard Your Plans With The Dyrt PRO. Bring Some Entertainment. Plan Your Meals and Bring Food With You. Bring Basic Tools, But Don’t Over Do It. Dump Tanks Early and Often. Pack Light and Evenly. Leave The Breakables At Home.[12]

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