Where Are Jayco Travel Trailers Made

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Jayco has been manufacturing trailers since 1969. The company is based out of Elkhart, Indiana and manufactures travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers.

The Jayco factory is located in Elkhart, Indiana. They also have a factory in Arkansas for the construction of fifth wheel trailers.

Are Jayco made in China?

Jayco is a great success story of Australian manufacturing The company is located at a 50-acre state of the art facility at 1 Jayco Drive, Dandenong South, Victoria, with a purpose-built 60,000sqm undercover manufacturing complex. This is where all Jayco RVs are made.[1]

Who owns Jayco now?

Jayco, Inc.[2]

Are Jayco trailers made in Idaho?

Jayco, a division of Thor Industries, has a portfolio that includes single and double axel camping trailers, toy haulers, fifth-wheel travel trailers and motor homes. Their Idaho manufacturing facility in Twin Falls focuses primarily on small to medium-sized conventional travel trailers.[3]

Who manufactures jayco?

Jayco Inc., a subsidiary of Thor Industries, is an American manufacturer of recreation vehicles. The company manufactures fold-down, also called “pop-up” camping trailers, conventional travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth-wheel travel trailers, and motorhomes (Class A and C).[4]

Is Jayco going out of business?

“Jayco Inc. will continue to operate and manage the company the same way they have done for years and warranties and service will remain the same. We are not coming in to change everything.[5]

Is Jayco a good trailer?

Jayco RVs are known for their exceptional quality and high standards. They have a wide variety of layouts available for nearly any traveler, and their RVs are affordable. A few things that set Jayco apart from its competitors include its Magnum Truss Roof System.[6]

What are Jayco camper walls made of?

Laminated fiberglass is combined with welded aluminum framing, metal backers, decorative interior wall panels and fiberglass exterior siding to create a durable structure designed to withstand heavy use and travel.[7]

What happened to Jayco?

ELKHART — Two of the largest companies in the recreational vehicle industry have combined into one, as Thor Industries purchased Jayco Corp. for about $576 million. Jayco, a 3,200-employee company based in Middlebury, is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elkhart-based Thor.[8]

Where did the name Jayco come from?

“I have always like the out-of-doors and birds,” Bontrager said, “but finding my favorite ‘blue jay’ name was already trademarked when I started my company, I took the part that was possible to use – JAY – and added the abbreviation for company (CO), and we became JAYCO.[9]

What is the difference between Jayco and entegra?

Differences that matter While the differences in the structure of the RVs themselves aren’t tremendous, there are differences between them in addition to the brand and exterior decor. For example, Entegra’s version gets a windshield in the front nose cap, whereas the Jayco does not.[10]

Why are all RVs made in Indiana?

This state’s central location, skilled workforce, thriving business climate and manufacturing strength earned Indiana its status as the RV Capital of the World years ago, and today it’s the reason why after generations, Indiana continues to roll ahead of other states as the undisputed RV manufacturing leader.[11]

What company owns forest river?

Forest River[12]

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