Where Can I Get My Travel Trailer Washed

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This article is about where to find a place to wash your travel trailer.

Many people who own a travel trailer want to know how they can get it washed. This article will provide some tips on how you can find the best place to get your travel trailer washed.

What is the best way to clean a travel trailer?

Washing Fiberglass, Metal, and Enamel For this reason, good old soap and water is perfectly well-suited for cleaning most RVs. All you need to get started is a bucket that mixes mild detergent like dish soap with water. Use a brush with a telescoping handle to apply the mixture to one section at a time.[1]

Can you use a power washer on a camper?

You should never pressure wash or power wash your RV because of the high-pressure of the water will damage your RV’s exterior surfaces and components. As well, pressure washing injects water into crevices that may seep into your RV’s interior.[2]

Can I use Dawn to wash my camper?

If you don’t know how to wash an RV, you might assume you can simply use dish soap and water. But regular soap will strip away your RV’s coating while also leaving a film, so don’t do it. Instead, buy an RV cleaner that is tough enough to remove dirt and dust,Opens a new window but not too hard on the paint.[3]

How often should you wash and wax your RV?

Waxing your RV should be thought of as must-do maintenance twice a year to keep the paint in good shape. Not only does it keep the paint looking better, but also it will help prevent staining and sometimes chipping. When waxing, do a two-foot section at a time.[4]

How much does it cost to clean a travel trailer?

The average RV detailing service starts at around $5 per foot for a basic clean of the exterior only. But for a more thorough job, including the interior, your RV detailing cost per foot is going to be $25+.[5]

How often should you wash your travel trailer?

Depending on who you talk to, many RV enthusiasts recommend washing your rig 10-12 times a year. Some find it more convenient to just hire someone to do the dirty work, while others may actually enjoy it and get a sense of accomplishment once they’re done.[6]

How much does it cost to pressure wash a camper?

As a starting point, it is reasonable to expect a full exterior high pressure wash and a “mini” interior detail for around $15 per foot. If you own a medium-sized RV measuring around 22 feet, a detailing package can cost around $330.[7]

What is the best way to clean an RV rubber roof?

Mix your cleaning solution. Mix 6 ounces of Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner with 8 cups (half-gallon) of cold water in a bucket or large container. Sweep roof. Clear the RV roof of any debris, leaves, or loose dirt with a broom. Rinse. Apply cleaner. Scrub. Rinse.[8]

Is washer and dryer in RV worth it?

Although they do their job fairly well, some RVers generally stay away from these types of RV washers and dryers. They tend to use a lot of water, and drying clothes can take a long time (and therefore a lot of electricity!). However, if these are the kind that fit in your type of RV, go for it.[9]

What is the best thing to wash the outside of a camper with?

To clean the exterior of your RV, we suggest parking it in a place not in direct sunlight. First, spray it with water to remove dust. Next, using an abundant amount of clean water and a car-washing mitt or sponge, wash your RV from top to bottom. You can also use a mild car-washing soap.[10]

What is the best soap to wash a RV?

What is the Best Soap to Wash an RV? Mild soap and water are a great, and inexpensive, way to get your RV clean. Some recommended RV cleaners include Simple Green, Star Brite, Gel Gloss, Reliable 1, and many more which can work wonders on your rig.[11]

Should I wash my RV roof?

But if you’re on this page, you’ve no doubt realized your RV roof needs some TLC too. The #1 most important tip when it comes RV roof maintenance is keep it clean. Regularly cleaning your roof will extend its lifespan, which is good, because replacing an RV roof is much more expensive and time-consuming.[12]

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