Where Can I Get Travel Trailer Keys Made

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How can I make a copy of my RV Key?

RV keys can be copied by most locksmiths as well as many Walmart’s, Lowe’s, Home Depot, and camping stores as long as it is not a key that is used for special storage compartments or locks on the 5th wheel.[1]

Where do I find my RV key code?

The lock code could be located on the key itself, on the face of the lock core, or one a sticker attached to the lock (see photos). Once you find this you can then order the correct replacement key assuming you have a Global Link, Fastec (FIC), Bauer, or Lippert Components lock.[2]

Are trailer keys universal?

One question many people ask is: Are all RV keys the same? People that are not familiar with RVs and trailers will be surprised to learn that factory RV door locks are all keyed the same. Since RV door locks are all keyed the same, there are security issues that you can run into with your camper.[3]

How do you rekey a camper lock?

Step 1: Look up RV lock specifics. Step 2: Gather necessary rekeying equipment. Step 3: Remove lock and lock cylinder. Step 4: Remove the old lock pins and install new ones. Step 5: Test the new pins with the new key. Step 6: Return the lock to the RV door. Step 7: Call for help if necessary.[4]

How do you unlock a camper without a key?

Look for Tools. For RVs with driver’s cabs, you may be able to open the lock from the outside if a window is slightly open. Look for a metal hanger or another tool to slip through the window. You may be able to roll manual windows down farther with the right tool, allowing you to put your arm in and unlock the door.[5]

What is a try out key?

A try-out key set is often the first option while lock opening a car. These key sets let you open a car door without the long and costly process of lock picking, using long reach tools, or decoding making new keys.[6]

How many different camper keys are there?

For RV door keys, TriMark keys are the standard and there are about 1000 unique key cut combinations available. In fact, TriMark is one of the most common key manufacturers. Each RV key corresponds to a code which usually can be found on the backside of the door lock or stamped on the front of the lock.[7]

Why do RV doors have two locks?

Many times, these locks are all manufactured with the same key, which means that anyone with the same latch can use their key to get into your RV. Of course, to stay safe, the manufacturers will give you a different combination of deadbolt and handle locks, so the person would need the same two keys.[8]

Are RVs keyed alike?

Most people are surprised to learn that factory RV door locks are keyed the same. The universal lock ise easily opened with a CH751 key. This means your keys can open someone else’s RV and vice versa.[9]

Are all RV door locks the same size?

As we’ve discussed, most RV door locks are universal. But that doesn’t mean you can just blindly buy any lock you find. Measure the exact size of the hole the lock fits into. Then look for a replacement lock that is the same diameter and the same depth as the one you are replacing.[10]

How do I make my travel trailer door more secure?

Change Your Direction. Most people back into their campground site. Beef Up Your Locks. Houses have doors with security bolts. Leave Temptation Behind. This one seems pretty obvious. Install Security. Cover Your Boot.[11]

How do you open a locked door with a screwdriver?

To unlock a privacy lock you’ll need a flathead screwdriver that is small enough to fit into the hole on the doorknob. Insert your screwdriver into the hole and push forward. If your doorknob is using a push-button type privacy lock, then you should hear a loud click and the door will open.[12]

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