Where to Buy Camper Van Conversion Kits

Last Updated on September 20, 2022 by Douglas

How much does a conversion kit cost?

When you’re planning on buying a conversion kit for a camper van, you should budget between $2,000 to $30,000. The cost will depend on the company in question, make/model/year of your vehicle, and the amenities you want.[1]

What is the easiest van to convert into a camper?

Volkswagen Transporter. The Volkswagen Transporter is one of the best-known vans for camper conversions. Ford Transit. Some say the wide-bodied Ford Transit is the best van for camper conversion. Renault Trafic. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Fiat Ducato. Vauxhall Vivaro.[2]

Which cargo van is best for camper conversion?

The Sprinter Van is by far the most popular van for camper van conversions. Sprinter vans are durable, versatile, and most are built as cargo vans so their interiors are highly customizable.[3]

What is the best wood for van conversion?

Paulownia, the Best Wood to Make the Furniture for your camper Van. As we have seen, Paulownia is the lightest wood we can find to camperize a van without losing any of the properties needed, these being screwing, painting and mechanize.[4]

How much should I budget for a van conversion?

Once you’ve settled on a van, it’s time to consider conversion costs. A professional van conversion can cost anywhere from $30,000 to upwards of $200,000.[5]

Are conversion vans worth it?

They’re Affordable Compared to Other Vans If budget is your primary concern, conversion vans are a great choice. Older ones are very affordable, especially compared to many other vans out there.[6]

How much does it cost to do a campervan conversion?

A professional van conversion typically starts right around $30,000 for a minimal interior build. That does not include the price of the van. Typically, a professional van conversion company will charge $100,000+ plus for their campervan buildouts.[7]

Is buying a camper van worth it?

All in all, camper vans are a good investment if you have the extra money. You shouldn’t buy one if you’re not ready to deal with the maintenance costs, but the excitement and adventures are well worth it if you can afford the experience.[8]

What is the most reliable van to live in?

Mercedes Sprinter The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is considered the gold standard for van lifers and for good reason. Sprinters have been around for years so tracking down a used one already outfitted with the van life essentials is possible.[9]

Can you turn any van into a camper?

In short, yes, you absolutely can convert your van into a campervan. For the more detailed answer that digs a little deeper, we take a look at what requirements need to be met for your vehicle to fall within the ‘motor caravan’ category with the DVLA, the class which covers all campervan, motor caravans and motorhomes.[10]

Can you still buy conversion vans?

There are still Ford conversion vans being made today. Many manufacturers build on the Ford Transit chassis for its versatility. It is easily customizable and has several options as far as all-wheel drive, trim, engine options, and more.[11]

Which is better RAM ProMaster or Ford Transit?

At their most spacious configurations, the RAM ProMaster van upfit can haul more, but the Transit can tow heavier loads. The ProMaster offers more minimum cargo space, but the Transit has more maximum cargo space. The Transit offers an extra roof height, and the ProMaster offers more wheelbase and length options.[12]

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