Where To Buy Casita Travel Trailers

Last Updated on October 19, 2022 by Douglas

The best place to buy Casita travel trailers is the manufacturer’s website. You can find a list of dealers on their website.

Are Casita travel trailers good?

Casita trailers are very well made and durable. They are excellent designs that maximize living space and storage in a small and lite weight trailer. They are very easy to tow and setup. The Liberty Deluxe model offers the most flexibility in layout.[1]

What is the smallest Casita travel trailer?

Casita’s Patriot is a 13ft long all-fiberglass small travel trailer; durable, easy to tow and store, …[2]

What are the sizes of Casita travel trailers?

Overall Length: 17′. Sleeps: 2-4. Dry Weight: 2,480 lbs. Interior height: 6’2″. Overall height: 8’11”. Overall Width: 6’8″.[3]

How long is the wait for a casita trailer?

First, if you want to buy a brand-new one, you’ll likely have to wait just over a year for delivery. Casita travel trailer pricing starts with a base price.[4]

Do Casita trailers hold their value?

Casita Travel Trailers manufactures five different molded fiberglass RVs at a family-owned and operated facility in Texas. These are known for retaining almost 100% of their value, even several years down the line![5]

Are Casita Trailers easy to tow?

Towing & Handling Are Casita trailers easy to tow? Yes! They’re lightweight, aerodynamic and generally smaller than other trailers.[6]

Are Casitas worth it?

Overall, Casita makes a pretty solid camper. Ultimately, what you need in a trailer will decide whether or not a Casita camper is the best buy for you. If you’re shopping small, need a lightweight option, prefer a wet bath, and have a vehicle rated to tow around 3,000 lbs, then you’re in luck![7]

Are Casitas well insulated?

The wood floor construction is completely sealed inside of trailer, preventing rotting from road moisture and dust penetration. The insulated interior of each Casita Travel Trailer eliminates interior condensation, keeps the coach cool in summer and warm in winter, and it reduces outside noise levels.[8]

Do Casita trailers have a bathroom?

In every trailer we manufacturer, Casita offers campers their choice of the luxury of extra space for gear and/or bunks (our standard trailer option), or the convenience of a bathroom with toilet and shower (our deluxe trailer option).[9]

How much is a casita 17 Spirit Deluxe?

Order Between October 3rd – October 28th, 2022 and Receive Our Aluminum-cased Patio Awning for FREE! Now with more Standard Features than ever before! Starting at $32,694, Make this custom 17′ Deluxe Casita truly yours by customizing every feature, add-on, and interior color to your liking.[10]

What is the top of the line Casita trailer?

Liberty. The Casita Liberty arguably provides the most versatility of any model from this trailer brand. There are two dining areas in this camper that can be converted to a double bed, two individual single beds, or a large king-sized bed.[11]

How many people can sleep in a casita?

The Casita Heritage lightweight travel trailer is the perfect camper for larger families and first time family campers alike. The deluxe model includes a bathroom/shower, sleeps four comfortably, and its back area converts into a dinette with seating for four, while the standard model can sleep up to six comfortably.[12]

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