Why Are Airstreams So Expensive? Are They Worth The Extra Cost?

Even if you’ve never heard of them, you’ve probably seen them. Airstreams have become classic icons in the trailer industry. These trailers are coveted for their looks, functionality, and for their name. Over the years, Airstreams have become a sort of niche brand, which is why they are so expensive nowadays.

An Airstream can cost you anywhere around $38,000 to $170,000. Apart from their brand name, there are a bunch of other reasons why these luxury trailers are so pricey.

Why Are Airstreams So Expensive?

Airstreams are recognized as one of the highest luxuries that one can enjoy in the trailer travel market. Airstreams are known for their:

  • Iconic aluminum body
  • Superb reputation
  • High-quality craftsmanship

By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of why these travel trailers cost so much. You might even end-up appreciate these icons of the travel trailer industry if you don’t do so already.


The Airstream’s unique design isn’t just for looks. It is highly functional and was inspired by the first Airstream that the company’s founder made back in 1929. The Airstream’s rounded body helps reduce drag, making it easier to tow behind your vehicle. Its aluminum shell body helps reduce weight quite considerably, while its steel frame provides a robust foundation on which everything else is built. Its lightweight, streamlined body, and its robust body make the Airstream incredibly functional.

Construction Process

Airstream trailers are all constructed by hand, this makes their construction quite labor intensive. By relying on manual labor, the company ensures that every Airstream is assembled and prepared with attention to detail kept in mind. Apart from being labor intensive, the materials used for making these trailers are really pricey as well. Airstreams use two aluminum shells, and each shell is made from aircraft grade aluminum.


Airstream trailers have a very long lifespan since there aren’t a lot of parts that wear out quickly. The only place in an airstream trailer where plywood is used is in its subfloor. The plywood is used to anchor large appliances in place. An average Airstream requires very little maintenance when compared to other travel trailers.

Brand Name

The Airstream name has become an icon in the travel trailer industry. This makes them expensive, but also gives them great re-sale value. An Airstream is a great asset to own; it won’t wear out quickly and you can sell it at a great price if needed.


An Airstream’s interior is a sight to behold. There’s a superb finish in each and every item installed in an Airstream. The carpentry makes use of quality materials, and high-end appliances are fitted in place. Airstreams also have a number of windows that make them look and feel much more spacious.

On the outside, an Airstream trailer’s wheels, axles, and brakes are all sourced from reputable brands. This helps ensure that every Airstream performs well on the road.

Popular Airstream Models

1. Airstream Bambi

The Bambi comes in lengths ranging from 16-22ft and can accommodate up to 4 people at a time.

2. Airstream Basecamp

This model comes in a length of 16ft and can accommodate up to 2 people.

3. Airstream Caravel

The Caravel comes in lengths of 16-22ft and can accommodate up to 4 people. It has a few variations that make it different from the Airstream Bambi.

4. Airstream Classic

The gigantic Airstream classic boasts a length of 30-33ft and can accommodate up to 4 people. It is designed to be incredibly roomy.

5. Airstream Globetrotter

The globetrotter is the classic’s little brother. It has a length of 23-30ft and can accommodate up to 6 people. You can choose between 8 different floorplans.

Are Airstreams Worth The High Cost?

A lot of people hesitate when they hear how much an Airstream trailer can cost. But anyone who has ever bought an Airstream has never complained about it. You just cannot go wrong with these things; once you buy an Airstream, it’s going to stay with you for a long time. Even today, there are still Airstreams on the road that were made back in the 1930s.

Airstreams are an ideal long-term investment. Their initial cost is high, but their long lifespan and their low-maintenance costs make up for the cost in the long run.

Airstreams are designed for trailer people who live in groups. If you have a family and you’re on the road, then these things are great. They’re roomy, comfortable, and feel like home away from home. however, if you’re a trailer individual, you’re better off getting something smaller.

You should also keep in mind that Airstreams don’t perform well near the ocean. The salty air near oceans is highly corrosive and can damage their aluminum bodies. Another thing to note is that Airstreams tend to have lesser headroom because of their curved bodies. This makes them uncomfortable for taller people.

The biggest downside of an Airstream is the fact that these things have no storage space underneath them. This makes them impractical for people who travel with a lot of gear.


Where is Airstream located?

Airstream is a US based company that is situated in Jackson Center.

How long does it take to build an Airstream trailer?

According to the company, a single Airstream trailer requires 350 hours in order to be fully manufactured.

What are the red numbers on some Airstreams?

Airstreams with a red number on them were part of the Caravan Club International that was started by the company’s founder in its early days. Every Airstream that was part of this club had its own unique number.


Airstreams are known for being long-lasting. They keep you company on the road and don’t let you down. This, coupled with their prestige, functionality, and looks makes Airstreams unique from all of their competition.

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