The 6 Best Travel Trailers Under 6000 lbs.

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Before investing in a costly travel trailer, it is highly recommended to pay attention to the “use-case scenario”, which helps you point out the main expectations you have for the vehicle. Are you a routine hiker who likes to traverse to high elevation areas during the weekend? Do you prefer to spend some time with the family members into the woods during the holiday season? No matter what the case, you should ask yourself these questions to make an informed decision.

With an exceptionally wide variety of options in the market, it can sometimes be very difficult for a novice adventurer to choose a model that suits their needs and uses. You might still have the curiosity to discover numerous floor plans and exterior designs of latest models that would catch the attention of everyone present in the campsite at the moment. Lightweight ​travel trailers are not only easy to be dragged away by a pickup on the highway, but they also offer better fuel economy as they put less resistance on the engine power of the vehicle. There might be some drawbacks in these campers, because the manufacturers don’t have the liberty of using heavy-duty and strong material to construct the body of the trailer.

Now that you have decided to purchase a travel trailer that weighs less than 6,000 pounds, you should check out the options mentioned below.

Top 6 ​Travel Trailers Under 6000 lbs.

1. Crossroad RV Zinger Lite ZR18DS

Crossroad RV Zinger Lite ZR18DS

From glamorous U-shaped dinette to spacious interior rooms, this RV would enhance the traveling experience of your loved ones and guests. Whether you own an SUV or a minivan, the lightweight body of this camper can be easily dragged to far remote places without any difficulty with increased road friction – which can potentially be devastating for the engine of the pickup. The power retractable awning can come in handy for your adventure group when you suddenly experience rainfall or you instantly plan to grill some chicken under the shade.

Its large shelves can give you the option to place your favorite books and novels, so that you can feel just like home even though you might be hundreds of miles away from it. With its wood grain linoleum, not only would you be able to pull off an aesthetically appealing flooring option but it would also be a barrier to potential moisture and humidity – which can potentially affect the structure after being exposed to it for some time.

2. Livin-Lite Camplite Travel Trailer

With its all-aluminum build, this immaculate trailer is a must-have for hikers who travel to places that have high humidity in the air, as this material doesn’t easily get rotten or deteriorated after coming in contact with water or moisture. This thick layer of aluminum covering also proves to be highly light in weight, while at the same time giving robust protection against the pernicious effects of the surrounding environment.

Its elegant upholstery and bright LED lighting fixtures are enough to easily give off exquisite vibes, and you can easily impress your guests and visitors as soon as they step inside this camper. From crystal white to silver frost color options, you can choose from a wide variety of exterior paint job that suits your personal preference.

3. Forest River Wolf Pup 15SW

When you start exploring the interior design and built-in feature of this Forest River camper, you would believe that big things do come in small packages. Its oblong front body portion makes it highly effective for wind resistance – which in turn provides better fuel economy and engine load in the long run. With its double burner stove top and mini refrigerator, you would be able to conveniently prepare and store your delicious meals without having to cook in small amounts. Its spacious interior area gives you the liberty of including more items during your hunting trip or birding session.

4. Lance Ultra-Light Travel Trailer

Its all-season certified camping ability gives you the leverage of driving it off under rough weather conditions without fearing about tough terrain conditions. The towable nature of this camper is also a great advantage for adventurers who own minivans with low engine power. The legendary quality of its stocky built increases the safety aspects of the passengers, as the outer layer can easily withstand the typical deteriorating effects of wear and tear. The ducted heating system in the bathroom can make it highly comfortable for you when you plan to take shower during the chilly winter nights. The skylight above the dinette area can make your interior living space highly fancy, and at the same time you would get to enjoy warm sunlight during the cold days of winter season.

5. Dutchmen Aspen Trail Travel Trailer

It provides the most dynamic type of floor plans to the clients, and you would be able to find a camper that fits your lifestyle and needs related to adventure. The 82″ interior height is a great feature as it provides more head space and it doesn’t restrict the owners to place upholstery and furniture items with considerably large dimensions.

The dual entry doors provide you the freedom of staying outside late for stargazing and related purposes without worrying about disturbing other occupants when you slip in at night. The outdoor kitchen facility is another option that keeps you integrated with the beautiful scenes of the landscape around you.

6. Winnebago Micro Minnie 1800BH

The six sided aluminum frame structure gives this camper a unique look, and it is made to suit your camping lifestyle. This 7-foot-wide travel trailer guarantees to make you feel like home with its comfy mattresses and convenient refrigerator. It is packed with all the standard equipment you can think of and its spacious compartments offer dedicated area to keep your belongings during a trip. Because of it lightweight body, you would face no limitations when you decide to choose camping sites in your area.

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